SM9 'Tag Volt,' Japan's December Set!

That SR Brooklet Hill (I assume that's what it is) means all of my reverse Brooklet Hills are no longer Max rarity :(
Finally stadium now received a full art version (secret rare) ive been waiting for this. Glad we dont have to wait for gen 8 t9 kick in before it show itself
i wish the brooklet hill wasn't secret but more of a full art cause the gold on all of the art kinda annoys me, a full art could've shown the art better than gold-ing all the outlines of the card in my opinion, hopefully the future ones will look better

also i just noticed the magikarp in the water of the brooklet hill i didn't see it before
SR stadiums. that’s an rip for the wallet.

i was hoping for just SR and not FA or RR also but they gone full Mewtwo GX route with 4 arts
This is the most attention Magikarp has ever gotten in TCG. Tag team GX with regular art, special art, full art, rainbow rare, and even the first ever SR stadium card features it.
Woohoo for the Stadium! (Shrine of Punishment says hello)
It looks like there are four rarities of Tag Teams:

1: Regular Art (least rare)
2: Alternate Art (less rare)
3: Full Art (rare)
4: Hyper Rare (rarest)

I wonder how those are going to work out.
Extra special mention to the FA P&Z Art for being Really Good (TM).
Secret Rare Stadiums? HELL YES!
I've been dreaming to have FA Stadiums for the S&M sets for a while now, but this is better.
Ok so I have to be honest the Latios and Latias special art is BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait for the set to drop in the US!
Oh no that Tag Teams have FOUR RARITIES lol. I was kinda hoping they would have gotten rid of Rainbow Rare cause I'm not a fan of them.

Also yesss that Wailord and Magikarp alt art one is so precious I wa...wait...wait that alternative art Latis....I LOVE I NEED THAT EVEN MORE EEEEEK!
So, if the setlist numbers revealed are any indication, Tag Teams should have a Full Art, an alternate art Secret Rare, and then a Rainbow Rare? If this is true, I'm gonna pour another one out for the collectors out there. :/
Yeah, ouch. At least for me, I only ever collect 1 each of the rarities over regular art, but still.
No love for Venusaur I said. Love it when they proof me wrong. Look at that rainbowrare art. Gonna need that one Gem Mint, that's for sure.
There are now FOUR versions of GX’s now? This unnecessary over abundance of ultra rares is why I quit collecting sets in the Sun and Moon era. I mistook the news of these special art versions as replacing both full art and rainbow rare GX’s, and I was quite happy at the thought of cutting back. I see that was a foolish assumption. Why cut back when you can double down?

Not to be completely negative—the special art versions are a very nice idea (just poor in execution since full arts and rainbow rares and still a thing). While Mitsuhiro Arita is the brilliant artist behind the regular Tag Team GX’s, the special art versions allow other artists to shine as well.

Also, very happy with the full art Supporters.