SM9 'Tag Volt,' Japan's December Set!

Brock's Grit reprint! Plus new arts of Aqua Patch, Choice Band, Field Blower, Volkner.

Ooh this set looks nice for saving some cards from rotation, for sure.

Sabrina's Suggestion looks interesting. If I'm not mistaken, it's something like, "Look at your opponent's hand. Chose a supporter card you find there and use the effect of that card as the effect of this card."
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Paras’ art looks like it’s adorably giving a show and tell on those mushrooms. Gyarados’ and Alolan Graveler’s art look epic, Omanyte is precious, and as for Hitmonlee...I hope it’s semi-usable, because I’ve been waiting for a good one to collect!
The brock card is Brocks Grit reprint, the computer looking thing is a Pokemon Communication reprint.
Source on twitter translated for me
Woohoo a new Hitmonlee card!

The new Sabrina supporter is amazing. Both stadiums could see play. Starmie is not bad either. Quite hyped for this set now.
Sabrina's Suggestion is really SABRINA style.

Oooooh the communication with elm's lecture. What is ultra ball.
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I can’t wait to see the full arts for Erika, Brock(I hope it’s a new brock), and Sabrina, I was also hoping for a Lt surge for this set so that there are more gym leader full arts cause a group of full arts looks nice together for a theme. I really like the new volkner art I would certainly put that new art and replace the old one in my deck. Can’t wait to look all these new effects of all the new trainers and stadiums
Brock's grit being reprinted is actually going to make/lead to a new BDIF in February potentially if anyone notices it.
Obviously the translations aren't up yet at the timing of this post, but I can say right off the bat these new arts for cards like Field Blower, Volkner, Choice Band, Aqua Patch, they all look superb!
Ooh i like the new field blower and choice band art. Also is thaaat a forest, perhaps containing giant plants?
Hoo Hoo, you wish.
That Gyarados looks like it could a terrifying deck if you had a consistent way of controlling more than your top 2 cards, or more/better thinning cards.