SM9 'Tag Volt,' Japan's December Set!

Set up a nidoqueen and this thing gets rolling. Although it probably wont make it past tier 2 if even that far
How I'd Play Nidoqueen: Use a thick 3-3 line of Alolan-Ninetales-GX to really speed up the evolution, and use DCE + Mina for energy acceleration. Maybe Prism Tapu Koko could work, too, given Nidoqueen's ability. I just think Malamar would be too clunky for a stage 2 to fit in.
Ultra Necrozma is better.
1) We talking from much deference cards (Good ability one price attacker yes is stage 2 i know)
2)if you run good (Ninetails can help to get the rare candy) can trade much better than Necrozma (with 3 energy can hit 210(ultra malamar malamar ninetails and nidoqueen). And even if we have only 3 Necrozma have only 190 HP so i can OHKO necrozma Anyway you give 2 give 1 and i am not ever descard energy to attack,ok iam stage 2 you are basic but i can take extra pokemon every turn!

Ok i need many evolution line but you need extra metal energy and 2 malamar on beanch to OHKO me!

Who wins?
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  • Nidoqueen and Nidoking line - Sound consistent but I don't think it'll work as it's own. Stage 2 and hefty RC. 2,2/3,2/3-4,3-4
So that's likely the last of Tag Team GX for this set. Team Up revealed six which is what we've got now, and yes Magikarp & Wailord GX counts as one as it's higher rarity will likely be in the set. (Also the LATAM Internationals only teased these six).

Why would M&WTTGX be classed as a new GX when the box comes out in January?
Cynthia! No translation needed.

Wasn't happy when Cynthia hit $10 and my kid said he wanted to start playing. Always a good thing when the game makes it easier for new players and kids to join.
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It's sad to see that, from 19 trainers released, only 9 are new stuff, and they keep reprinting cards which are not rotating anytime soon. Is it THAT hard to create new trainer effects?
Ooh i like the new field blower and choice band art. Also is thaaat a forest, perhaps containing giant plants?
It's Ilex Forest, most likely.
I would think it'd be Viridian Forest because of the Kanto focus...

I saw a translation on Facebook where it's discard 1 card from your hand to search your deck for a Basic Energy and put it in your hand. That'd be nice if it's true.