SM10a \'GG End\' Mini-Set in April


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Reset Stamp is going to be such a massive tilter. N on Steriods, especially since it is not even a supporter. Coach Trainer is a pretty ass card for Tag Team


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Coach trainer is a draw 4! Finally a draw 4 with a doable drawback! All this tag team support will make tag teams dominate. Draw 4 is good. Not much more to say.

Reset Stamp I think it is better than red card because if you use it low on prizes it simply is. It brings back the comeback potential of N and I like that. I always thought N was balanced. Of course it does not give you draw support which justifies it's item form. I think lots of people will think this is op. But N was balanced and red card was op with delinquent.


Reset Stamp is busted. not much else to say...

BUT, can we all please appreciate that Drifloon has 70HP??? That's pretty big for an evolving basic. Usually we see cards like Ralts, Zorua, etc etc etc with 60HP. Having 10 more than normal actually seems pretty significant.

Is power creep returning?

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  • Drifloon - 70 HP, Un-Elm-mable, still resists Fighting
  • Coach Trainer - Decent card since its very rare to see cards that allows to draw 4 without drawbacks. Since TTGX are widely played as of now, it can be easily whopped into decks if you want pure draw. 3-4 Geodudes
  • Reset Stamp - that's the purpose why we play N-- to distrupt our opponents setup. It's a single-sided N tho, but it can be wrecking tournaments. 4 Geodudes


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Reset stamp is just N but better as if you have only 1 prize you won't brick and it's an item so you can still play a supporter like Cynthia this will be a staple in every deck


lol one-sided N as an item? I just can't take competitive PTCG seriously anymore. Or should I say even less seriously than before.


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Reset Stamp is busted and will make people quit (maybe). Seriously, I'll be surprised if this card doesn't end up getting banned after it rotates... And It'll be a long ass time before that happens.
N, but it's one-sided and it's an item. Yeah... Busted.


I'm not looking forward to Reset Stamp at all... it'll make Evolution decks even harder to set up, since it's an item, no need to Judge, don't even need Let Loose to destroy a Steven's Resolve! And then it still let's the player use a Supporter... Ridiculous.


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I appreciate TPCI's willingness to experiment with cards sometimes bc it's led to some interesting decks in the past. Reset Stamp is not one of those cards...I mean they banned Lusamine in expanded and that's a rather recent card. Does TPCI ban cards often, or is it something they've recently just accelerated bc of all these new card combos?

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[SARCASM]Ya know, everyone seems to be all hyped for Reset Stamp, but that Drifblim...[/SARCASM]
Reset Stamp is crazy. I’ll leave it at that while my little brain begins to comprehend and pick apart the situation.


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Holy cow yes
A way to get back in games is, IMO, a good choice of a card from Pokemon. Everyone is complaining that the person that goes first wins. This balances that. Also, it hurts stall and I like that a whole lot.