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Discussion in 'Creative Works' started by bbninjas, May 1, 2017.

  1. Celever Wheeeee~


    You're being neither big nor funny. Asche is part of the community and deserves credit, especially as it is a term of usage of his blanks. If you don't want to give him credit, how about making your own templates to use? If you want to be a smartass and give credit to everyone on this planet, bear in mind that you're looking like an extraordinary ass and being incredibly rude, while simultaneously not proving a point because they don't request credit for their services.

  2. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    Yet another almost late entry!
    Stage 2 ~ Evolves from Cascoon Dustox HP 130 Grass

    NO. 269 Poison Moth Pokémon HT: 3'11" WT: 69.7 lbs.

    Ability: Resource Gather
    Once during your turn (before your attack), you may attach an item card from your hand onto this Pokémon. If this Pokémon is Knocked Out by damage from an attack and you attached at least 3 cards in this way, your opponent's Active Pokémon is now Poisoned. Put damage counters equal to the number of item cards attached in this way on that Pokémon between turns.

    [G][G][C] Dust Invasion
    Discard any Stadium Card in play. For each of your Dustox in play, discard the top card of your opponent's deck.

    Weakness: [R] x2 Resistance:
    Retreat Cost: [C][C]
    Dustox often invade cities, to find bright light. Many people will turn off their house lights just to avoid them.
    Dustox, to me, is one of those very forgettable Pokémon that needs more love. Here, I've tried to make it's most interesting attributes shine in a card.
    Resource Gather makes use of two attributes, the fact that Dustox strips leaves off of tree bark and the fact that Dustox spreads poison dust everywhere. In this ability, Dustox gathers resources (I chose items, because it would be weird to gather Stadiums or Supporters), which naturally get poison dust on it. When the opponent knocks it out, they are faced with the ugly surprise of all that poison dust that has been compounding.
    Dust Invasion makes use of the fact that Dustox is an invasive species. In this attack, all of your Dustox invade that Stadium, making it useless, and invade the opponent, making them lose their resources.
    When it comes to the HP, I wanted to make it lower to balance the card a bit more, but literally every Dustox in the BW/XY era had at least 130 HP, so I couldn't decrease it. Instead, I made the Retreat Cost a bit worse.
    Paint Roller, various Dustox cards, Durant (Noble Victories), Rescue Scarf, Hypnotoxic Laser, Toxapex GX, The "Common Wording Errors" Compilation.
  3. Blui lv85 paladin



    Your first Pokemon is one that is always with you through your journey. The same is true for Gym Leader's Pokemon, they have their favourites and here's Falkner's.

    Had to remake my Owner's blank for this and made the Zephyr Badge from scratch, so if anyone wants the 300px version feel free to PM me and you can have it.
  4. Celever Wheeeee~


    Dunsparce HP130 Colourless
    Basic Pokémon

    Ability: Elusive
    If you have another Dunsparce in play, you can't play this card.

    [C] Graceful Flight 70
    Once during your next turn, after you flip any coins for an attack, you may ignore all effects of 1 coin flip and flip that coin again. If your opponent's Active Pokémon is Knocked Out by this attack, you may ignore all results of 2 coin flips and flip those coins again.

    [C][C][C] Covert Burrow
    Flip 3 coins. If 3 of them are heads, take a prize card.

    Weakness: [F]x2
    Resistance: None
    Retreat: [C]

    If spotted, it escapes by burrowing with its tail. It can float just slightly using its wings.
    NO. 206 Land Snake Pokémon HT: 4'11" WT: 30.9 lbs

    I'm already anticipating losing plenty of wording points. Graceful Flight seems messy, and I have no idea whether it should be "2" or "two" -- it's difficult to gauge.

    I struggled with inspiration again this month, but Dunsparce is a fun take, I believe. The main representation of the theme is Elusive -- I had the idea of using something like Dunsparce or Surskit, a Pokémon with a 1% encounter rate, and make it so that you can only use one of that Pokémon on your side of the field. I was worried about how to word it, but then thought about using the Stadium wording rule, and it works well. I think it's primarily a flavourful ability and don't think it will make a massive difference to balance, but hey, it's fun! ^w^

    Graceful Flight is because it A) hilariously has Serene Grace in the games and B), as the dex entry describes, can "fly". The synergy between Graceful Flight and Covert Burrow is hopefully obvious, but I think both are very fun on their own as well. Covert Burrow looks quite strong (at its peak with Graceful Flight it can be a 28% chance to take a prize card, if I can do maths, which is unlikely). But Dunsparce's HP isn't particularly high, it has a fairly high energy cost, and 70 damage on Graceful Flight isn't high.
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  5. Blakers Holder of the Holy Diamond!


    Maybe waiting until the last 2 hours to start wasn't such a good idea... but here's my card anyway.:p

    Luxray – Lightning – HP150
    Stage 2 – Evolves from Luxio

    NO. 405 Gleam Eyes Pokémon HT: 4’07” WT: 92.6 lbs.

    Ability: Gleam Eyes Tracking
    When this Pokémon uses an attack, you may choose one of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon. The attack will be used on that Pokémon instead of your opponent’s Active Pokémon.

    [L][C][C] Relentless Hunting: 50 damage. If this attack is used on one of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon, this attack does 60 more damage. (Apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokémon.)

    Weakness: Fighting (x2)
    Resistance: Metal (-20)
    Retreat: [C]
    When its eyes gleam gold, it can spot hiding prey--even those taking shelter behind a wall.
  6. Celever Wheeeee~


    And that's a wrap, folks! Fan-voting will come a bit later, as we're actually going to try a slightly different method and voting style this month, and I need to check with bb how exactly we're doing the fan voting. We decided which method we're going with, but I'm not sure how to arrange said voting myself.

    That said, I'm going to go through now and bold all entries. It shouldn't take very long, and if you see Blakers' submission above is bolded, but your submission isn't, make a post in the thread or message me on Discord. :)
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  7. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    I'm sorry you feel that way but in the industry I work in, you give credit to everyone who was involved. If I'm going to give credit to one person, then I have to give credit to everyone, because it's fair. It's not me being a smartass (well I guess I am), I'm just making sure that the other two million people get some credit because I couldn't have made the card without them. I'm of the camp of doing things right or not at all so I choose to not make a list of credits.

    If you think I'm being an ass because I feel the people who built the software, hardware, designed the characters and the card design to begin with deserve some kind of credit (because I have to give credit to one person who didn't even design the blank), then I don't know what to tell you.

    I like this. Would be very interested in playing this but I think the attack could cost two Energy since things like Magnezone Prime was 50x for two. There is also some wording issues since the game didn't use the term "heal" till Black and White and use remove and Damage Counter. Still it all looks good though.
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  8. Celever Wheeeee~


    Funny how you go from not giving someone the credit they deserve to this moral code. It's almost like you're making up everything you say on the spot with no actual thought put into it to try and fulfil your fruitless endeavours of always being right. :eek:

    That said, I've got better things to waste time on than you so you can take your treasured final say if you want, this is my last response. :)
  9. Yog Rogue


  10. professorlight Ice Queen


    Your argument just doesn't work. Sorry, but it doesn't; credit isn't an "all or nothing" deal, but depends on consent; some people will ask you credit for specific things, like asche, some people won't, like the many designers who did the tools you work with, or that paved the roads you traveled so you could go get it, or the doctor who attended your birth. If you truly had to credit everyone involved in your card, regardless of consent, you'd have to credit everyone who was ever even slightly connected to you and the fact that you're here today to make that card.

    As I said, it's a matter of consent; people like asche (and the rules of pokebeach, when it comes to using art) want to be credited on the cards; that's their prerogative. The designers don't care if they're credited in our silly little cards, they're already credited in the opening screen of Photoshop, and that's what they want, because that's what their resumes need. I doubt asche has "made pokemon card blanks" on his resume, so what he wants to get out of it is social recognition in a specific social field, not work, and that's fine. It's ultimately his decision, not yours, and if you ignore it, I think you know with whom will the rest of the people who might care about something as silly as this will side.

    I understand not wanting to be bothered with credit; I had that problem my first time in CaC (and my second, because I included the border of an HGSS card in my own blank, since I hadn't finished my own borders yet), because, to us it doesn't matter much, but it does to them. Getting away from that mess was part of the reason I accelerated finishing my own blanks, the other being that I was doing them anyway. Now I don't have to credit anyone, but not because there's nobody to credit; it's because they don't want or ask for my credit.
    But as far as my sympathy goes, you are being pedantic, and rude. Anyone can make a mistake with blank credits, but there's no need to escalate this to a discussion about copyright and creator's rights, when the site's policy itself makes it clear enough.

    It's the spirit of the law. I don't see much the point, really, as long as you don't claim or imply to have made it yourself, but fine, it's a sensible rule nonetheless.
  11. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    I stand by what I said. Adobe is just as deserving of credit as the person who makes edits of existing material. I have no issue giving credit to anyone. My point is where do we draw the line on ownership? I'm not sure if Asche makes the blanks from nothing or just edits them. If the latter is true and making edits changes ownership, then can't I claim the blank as my own because I had to edit it to make it usable? If that isn't true, then why is his copyright (suggesting he owns the likeness of the colorless, stage 2 full art hyper rare) even on the card to begin with?

    I drew my artwork for the card but I can't claim a copyright because I don't own the character. I drew the artwork, sure but that's it. If someone wanted to make a edit of, they could but they don't own the artwork and can't say they drew it. It's like those really bad Sonic OCs on deviantART where they just recolor a screenshot and claim copyright. It doesn't matter how good the edit is, it doesn't change the actual ownership.

    Now I forgot to put the copyright on it because I work with a ton of graphics at the same time and I have a folder full of content from many different artist that I use. The person who extracted the symbols is also deserving of credit, just as much as the person who made the texture sheet. Not that any of you noticed, I also used texture brushes to create the artwork and some effects that another artist used. Are they more deserving of a credit than the people at Adobe who also made brushes?

    I'm not above giving credit where its due but some people expect this from somethings and not all things. I don't do it because it's quite the list to make and I don't have the resources to find all involved. In a Dreamworks movie, you'll see credits from things like HP and nVidia, despite them actually working on the film. Are these companies not worth listing? If they are, then why don't we do this same thing here? I know this is supposed to be fun and for me, it's a nice escape from what I do on a daily bases. Don't feel bad if someone forgets or chooses not to put a credit in because there are about two million other people they didn't list.
  12. professorlight Ice Queen


    Okay, I see you haven't actually read anything of what I said. Allow me to give you a very shortened version of it.

    It doesn't matter what you think.

    The rules of CaC say to always give credit for "art", I, and I imagine the mods too, will extend that request, in the spirit of the rule, to blanks. That means that without credit, you'll be disqualified, no matter what you think. This isn't a philosophical discussion, but a very concrete fact; "was a rule broken, or not?". I think it was, and they'll make their own decision.
    I should clarify that as I said, everyone can make mistakes, and it isn't the end of the world, so it's because of your reaction to being asked to put the credit what drives me to question your moral stance; even if it was an honest mistake, you crossed the moral line by not acknowledging it, and doubling down on a morally and practically untenable position, just for the sake of argument.

    Because, in practical terms, even if the mods say they don't care about the rule (even though they've proved time and again they care very much about it); asche now has a personal problem with you being judged, and he's very influential in the circles of pokemon faking, certainly more than you.
    There's no higher authority to appeal to here, just the mods (who happen to be the judges); they're friends with asche, at least more than they're your friends; no matter your argument, just pick a reason; you either broke the rules, or you didn't, but still were rude to a friend of theirs and a person they respect. Either way, you won't be judged. That's all there is to it.
  13. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    My stance will be and always will be if one person is deserving of credit, then so is everyone else and it seems everyone here don't want to extend that same courtesy to anyone else.
  14. Celever Wheeeee~


    And your stance will always be flawed thanks to a single fact: Adobe has your thanks because you have paid for their software. Asche provides the high quality resources he does without a profit, out of the goodness of his heart, and predominantly to help the growth of our site. His little tag at the bottom of the card is his only return on the hard work he's put into the blank, and to remove it is petty, childish, and, above all else, very rude. Not to mention it goes against a very simple term of use surrounding his cards which can't possibly be missed as you retrieve the resource, which is the equivalent of plagiarism.

    Edit: Just discovered that all of Asche's blanks are made entirely from scratch, not whatever you seemed to think he did. That's what I call talent!
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  15. TylerRVG The Cosmic rage of Astral Dwarfs from Aberdeen.


    Mate- please just stop. All Asche asked for was to keep the watermark on the blank, he didn't ask you to go out of your way to kiss his butt over it or anything. There was zero need for any of the snark (especially against a Mod) (And yes, it was just snark. Nobody's buying it as some profound point about copyright) or the supposed moral-grandstanding, because it's not making you look good here.

    I was going to avoid replying because I don't care about petty forum drama. But you keep responding and slowly digging yourself into people's ire, and I don't want to see you kicked out because just because you didn't know when to quit. Seriously man, this isn't a hill worth dying on.
  16. GrandPanacea Thread Necromancer

    Forum Super Mod Badges Staff Chat Room Staff Advanced Member Member

    So I've sifted through, and I've just gotta say, @crystal_pidgeot, removing a watermark for any reason is considered blatant art theft. No matter the reason. This is the kind of behaviour that a twelve year old on deviantART would exhibit, not what should be done in a creative competition.

    It's not even a matter of credit. It's the fact that you removed a watermark. The act of removing the watermark, even if you add written credit elsewhere, is art theft.

    A shame. :T
  17. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    Righto everyone, that's enough! As is standard for the artistic community, if any person or organisation wishes to be credited for the resources (etc.) that they have created, you must credit them through the method they request. Case closed. Any posts that frivilously further this debate will be deleted on sight. Also, as crystal_pidgeot has added the copyright to his entry, he will not be disqualified, so please don't ask.

    Now, let us all just get back to what we all enjoy and love - card faking!
  18. Lunarwork Just causing a total lunar eclipse....


    Fan voting much?
  19. TylerRVG The Cosmic rage of Astral Dwarfs from Aberdeen.


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  20. Celever Wheeeee~


    Is the suspense built up enough yet? :p Getting this voting sorted out has been a bit of a rollercoaster ngl, but hopefully it'll be worthwhile.

    So, the new way fan-voting is going to take place for at least this month is through a ranking-based system. Last month, since I ended up organising fan-voting for the first time, I noticed that the results were actually really close, and that just having a top 3 seemed kind of unfair. It also struck me that having each voter only vote for one card doesn't necessarily create an accurate representation of the Top 3 -- each voter looks for something different. For example, I vote purely based on aesthetics in the image-based round, since my interests in TCG are primarily that of a collector. But if I can only vote for my favourite card aesthetically, and everyone who votes like me votes for that card, the second-best card aesthetically might not rank at all. After some discussion with the other mods, we thought that a ranking system could be more representative of accurate results, and also takes away the aspect of having to make difficult decisions. Also, as points should be more spread out, we're planning on posting a Top 6 in each category instead of a Top 3, so there's now more places up for grabs!

    Of course, there are downsides to the new voting style. While you have the option to only vote for your favourite again, as everyone below your top vote will receive an equal number of points, when the option's there it can make people feel compelled to do it "properly" which can then result in apathy. It's also just a little bit more work in general, and one thing I'm disappointed in is the lack of software which lets, you put two cards in third place, for example, while still being able to rank further down the list.

    Voting ends on the 5th June. The software imposes its own deadline, but I didn't note the time it finishes as it was in the wrong timezone -- please ensure you're done voting by the 4th so that you don't lose out!

    Also, what do you guys think about this new system of voting? If it's unpopular, we'll revert back to a simple top card = one vote, and posting the top 3. This was just an experiment I wanted to try out, as I think it has potential.

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