Finished Mafia LV : Let's Go (Kanto)

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by GM DracLord, Nov 20, 2018.

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    But consider the fact that Vom's vote at the end of D1 would have lynched morda instead of Nick. Luis's and Zone's votes weren't in an important position here, while if Vom's vote was genuine, he was singlehandedly lynching his fellow scum when he could have just lurked it out.
    It wasn't as clear cut as you see in hindsight here, and Vom's vote there shouldn't have been allowed to exist to get him towncred without morda being lynched, but it was there and worth more towncred than Luis got for hammering a vote that wasn't going anywhere else that day. DFL and Zone were townie, but Luis really wasn't and Vom had better towncred from that D1 stuff.

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    Thanks! :D I was actually counting on nothing being processed after the deadline had passed, as I remember some precedent for this a while ago. I was pretty sure morda would have been lynched even if I didn't vote then so I thought might as well get some cred out of it, and morda agreed. Luckily, Drac processed things up until the deadline so not having to bus my buddy D1 was great.
    Yeah I don't know where those theories came from, but they lead to a wrong conclusion so I just went with it. :v
    I realized something was up when you used the same ability twice in a row, so I figured you'd still have it today. I would have definitely lost, yeah. Apparently DFL also had one today (?) but he wasn't around so that didn't happen.

    Thanks Drac for the game! This is why I don't vote for pressure, especially later on. You never know what vote modifiers might be in play.
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    As im not always on beach the same time as you guys, i cant process the game freeze on time, i did mention that vote count only took post until certain post. I agreed the pokemon was a bit to many, i should have gone with my original list that contain only have of it, but greed got into my way, for that im truly sorry.

    I truuly didnt expected for the year end vacation when i started the game, with that i didnt have proper internet access nor pc access and the sudden increase of work load didnt help either (at the office). Maybe immay need to draft the flavour updates in advance n save it to my googledrive instead of writing it on the spot most of the tine if i ever host again,
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    Just so people are aware, there is currently no game lined up after this one
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    You gave me green light at the same time that Draclord posted their game, so I waited till it ends.
    Did you forget about me?
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  6. Vracken Just a Ghost of the Past

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    Yes, I did forget, sorry it has been a while, and you haven't posted your thread up for moderation
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    Huh. I actually didn't know the game had officially ended.
    ...damn. So I was wrong after all, huh?
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