Japan's SM6+ Set, 'Dragon Storm,' Plus 'Champion Road' Mini-Set!


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Typhlosion-BKT. New partner for that joke of a deck as it goes expanded only around the same time we get it. I don't think it's necessarily that good in Volc as a lot of people are saying because you generally want to power heater or nitro tank that energy directly back onto the field instead of shuffling it into the deck. Reshiram is kind of bad imo except maybe as a more consistent partner for Infernape ULP.
I was thinking the same thing. The infernape/reshiram deck idea. Not Reshiram being bad. In my opinion, with Kiawe (minus the "your turn ends") Reshiram can be fairly decent.
Infernape/Reshiram GX/Salazzle with ability. That could work later imo. The SM6a and b will probably become one set in the US. A set similar to Legendary Treasures; just without Radiant cards. I hope this happens.

This can be used to power up Palkia GX much quicker, as you can water patch/elixirs to the bench and send it up to the active Palkia! Can also use Brooklet Hill to get Whooper to the bench.
Completely agree. It's kinda like the Aromatisse in XY that switches (y) energy around with 1 of your pokemon. Only this one is for moving W, but to your active. Post rotation, this card may not be decent enough for standard play, with Max Elixir rotating. I don't think there will be another card like it. Although i can guess that it will get a reprint down the road imo.
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That Quagsire card is still ugly when you look at it from a mile away. The background looks like something for a day-care wall :D Shame because I like its ability a lot.


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Well yeah, but they were never quite top tier in my opinion. They were all good, but never really anything dominant. M Kangaskhan was a thing, but not for very long, and didn't even win anything very big (though got 3rd at worlds, being the only non-Genesect/Virizion deck in the top 4). The Gardy variant was something that was strong, but took a little bit too long to set up to be top tier.

Also, worlds 2014 Junior division was won by straight plasma, not Aromatisse plasma. He did tech in two Latias EX for the Pyroar matchup, but no Aromatisse.
oops, well I got the juniors thing wrong. Oh well, doesn't affect the current format either way.


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Reshiram is going to be relatively interesting if you can find a way to get all the energy into your hand for the GX attack, and get Reshiram set up. I could see this being the target of a kiawe deck, so it can GX for a knockout T2 and charge up a Ho-Oh in the back in the meantime with the GX, plus it is not weak to Tapu Koko. Steam ups lets it hit nice numbers with the burn as well. If it can stand up to nitro tank GX is something only time can tell though.


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fwiw, i think ho-oh/reshiram/vitcini prism is just a straight up better version of ho-oh/salazzle. w/ flint combo, reshiram's gx attack is like your nitro tank to reload your second big attacker after the initial kiawe, except youre ALSO ideally taking your first two prizes at the same time, so it's on the whole a turn faster than your average ho-oh game previously. then for your "clean up attacker" you just manually attach/elixr twice to victini prism for game. also, if opponent ignores reshiram after the gx, you could play 2-3 volcanion ex, w/ 3 total steam ups/choice band, reshiram OHKO's zoroark/lucario w/ burn damage. still too linear/meme-y to be tier one, but i do think it is an improvement on a current, competitive archetype

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yes, but you tend to attach them back almost as fast as you discard them, we're talking 6 energy in the grave+a steam up to hit 180.

6 in the grave plus 2 on victini plus steam up is 9, most volcs run 13 energies tops so your board state has to look pretty bare of energy.


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oops, well I got the juniors thing wrong. Oh well, doesn't affect the current format either way.
Yeah, true. Aromatisse isn't very viable in standard right now (if you catch my drift). In expanded, I still absolutely love Fairy Box for the flexibility it has, and how much stupid stuff you can throw in, but even being the most hardcore supporter of the deck, I can't say it's tournament viable.


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that victini seems... underwhelming, sureif you have 10 energy in your discard, and 2 equipped it's pretty strong... but how did you even get into that situation in the first place?
underwhelming, its the same attack as the infernape card steam siege. victini will die and never be recoverable once it gets hit.


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Draws some shapes and patterns on a blue backround: copy/pastes official Quagsire art from Pokedex

I dunno, a lot of the art from this set seems awfully "un"creative (maybe that's just me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)


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Dear Quagsire, why are you in this set? you are NOT a Dragon type! You are drunk. Go home.

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A playable Charizard? Good dragon support? What is this blasphemy?!

I've had a playable Mega Charizard deck ever since Burning Shadows came out. It is quite capable of attacking on Turn 2 and has gotten me two League Challenge wins and a League Cup top cut. I haven't used it at any regionals, however, because I am primarily a VGC player.
Burning Shadow MegaZard


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Victini could be alright late game, but I still think Turtonator Gx is a better option than reshiram. Turtonator is a quick boost, but Reshiram is meant to be an attacking card


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So I know elixir is rotating, but is aqua patch? if not quags could be looking mighty fine.

Elixir? Last print in XY-BREAKpoint, so assuming SM-On, yes.

Aqua Patch? Not a chance, as its last print was in Guardians Rising...

In terms of new Quagsire, Dawn Wings Necrozma's invasion ability could see another use: With Float Stone, Quagsire could move the energy to DW temporarily, for purpsoes of healing w/ max potion to ensure a full recovery of the attacker-to-be, then retreat into the attacker w/ the help of DW's float stone, then use the ability again to get the energy back on the attacker to not only deny a KO, but deliver a KO as well... :)

^ Just watch out for SUM Alolan Muk, which will negate DW's invasion, as DW is a basic..


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Is there a reason for only having those specific pokemon done by different artists?
I mean, I don't think so, but I didn't make the cards so idk :p

Darkrai, Necrozma, Tapu Bulu, Ho-Oh and the "deck" Solgaleo and Lunala also have artwork not by 5ban :)