Japan's SM6+ Set, 'Dragon Storm,' Plus 'Champion Road' Mini-Set!


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my opinions based on the looks:
Reshiram:best work by far
Kingdra:kinda looks like when Buzzwole's mouth has been opened
Dragonite:still looks derpy
Blaine:it's okay
Zinnia:have you climbed everest lately?


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It seems that until November, there wont be any fairy support. The cards from this set will be mixed with the ones in Champion road for Celestial Storm. There isnt any fairy types in either set. The november set is going to have a Fairy type Alolan Ninetales GX. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing how good it will be. Not untill more information is released though. Either way, i am excited for Celestial Storm.


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I'm investing in Dragonite-GX stocks.

Max Potion Dnite will be a monster.
Very few mons can hit that 250 in one attack, aside from GX moves.
Meanwhile, you can Lele into Lance afterwards, and swing for 70 - 130 the next turn.

It's definitely not just because I think Dragonite and Alataria are really cute...

My 2¢ on Ho-Oh // Reshiram:

Ho-oh has 190 HP, It doesn't KOed early
Is just, not true anymore.

Forbidden Light brought a LOT of acceleration and high damage attackers into the format.
Ultra Necrozma can actually kill it Turn2.
Turn 1, attach Steel Energy
Turn 2, attach Psychic/accelerate via Malamar

2 Psychics + Choice Band:
20 + 80 + 80 + 30 = 210

It's also easily revenge killed by:
  • Buzzwole's GX move, which they can get via Beast Ring, if you KO a Buzzwole.
  • Duskmane's GX move, which they can accelerate via Beast Ring or Zone/Meta.
    • I've actually taken a revenge kill with the new non-GX Buzzwole as well...
      60 damage Jet Punch (CB+Diancie) into 140 damage Sledgehammer (SE+Diancie).
Ho-Oh excelled in the slower meta, because using your turn to Kiawe was relatively safe, as your opponents would be setting up/evolving the first couple turns.

Now that we're getting more "EX" style basics:
Pokemon with high-HP, high damage, and low set-up...
slower strategies are beginning to lose favor again.

I think Reshiram's potential is higher than Ho-Oh's in this regard, as the GX attack allows it to set-up another attacker, while (potentially) taking the first knock-out.
Ho-Oh's back up plan, is... Nitro Tank-GX, or Salazzle-GX.

Both of which are slow starters, unless you've taken a big lead.
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Dragon lift - All your pokemon, excluding Ex or Gx, have no retreat cost.

Bright Lift - 200 damage, Discard 2 energy attached to this pokemon

Gx attack - Does 120 damage to one of your opponents pokemon (You cant use more than 1 gx attack in a game)