Introduce Yourself!

Hi :) the names josh , im new here , but im not new at pokemon . And im a VGC and OU player . So nice to meet ya'll and i hope we battle sometimes and make new friends ^^
Hi, JediFroakie speaking. As you can tell by the name I am a Star Wars fan and am choosing Froakie as my starter. Have always been a huge pokemon fan and have played each main series game multiple times. I've also been a long-time lurker on these boards so am finally coming out in the open :) I used to do a lot of competitive battling during D/P era but did not during B/W and am hoping to get back into it for XY, especially with the gorgeous graphics these games have. Also interested in the TCG but have only played a little as there is no one for me to play against :( Hope to get to know you well!
Hey everyone! My name is Joe and I'm currently a college student studying in the US and majoring in animation. One of my favorite cartoons since I was a kid has always been Pokemon, and I've been in love with the game ever since my freshman year in high school. With less than a week away until X and Y's release date, I have been scouring the internet for all the latest news and updates. After stumbling upon the sites forum, I've been hooked on reading it every day. After going through roughly about 400 pages, I decided it was about time I'd make an account for myself to finally connect with my fellow Pokemon fan community. I chose Pokebeach mainly because of the respect you all seem to share for each other compared to the other sites that I've been on. As far as my personal life, I guess I can say that I most closely relate to myself to Brock: Optimistic and knowledgeable, but always having time for girls and good food. That, and I'm a breeder more than a competitive battler :p If anyone wants to chat about the video game or the anime, feel free to add me :D
Hello everyone! I just right now created an account for Pokebeach's forums, and signed in! My name is Emmanuel I'm 21 years old. I'm from Middle East. I like watching National Rugby League of Austrailia! My hobbies are traveling, swimming, cycling, reading, and playing video games, and surf the web mostly. I've been hearing from some acquiantances in Pokebeach's chat, that everyone who comes by Pokebeach's chat more often, so should everyone log into Pokebeach's forums. Therefore I came! and I've got plenty of Pokemon XY details, and I'm on it to post these details on Pokebeach's forum!
Hey Everyone! my names Josh and i'm an 18 year old student in my first year of college in California. I've played TCG's for my whole life but it was only with friends and with pretty bad decks. About a year ago I started to play TCG's a little more seriously with more constructed decks and going to locals. The TCG i previously played got a little stale for me so I decided that I wanted to try the Pokemon TCG which is why I signed up for this forum to try to meet people that play and also learn more about current meta and such! Hope to get to know some of you on these forums :)
Well howdy doo, I'm Gumball. I like Goomy, if you couldn't tell. I got into the Pokemon video games when I got SoulSilver for Christmas in 2010 (talk about a newcomer) and my first Pokemon ever was a Totodile named T-Bone. My favourite Pokemon at the moment is Greninja, and my favourite game is Platinum. I have never really gotten into the TCG, even though I collected cards at some point. I am definitely enjoying being a member of the PokeBeach community so far, and I'm sure my experience here will improve as time passes. Thanks for reading! :)
Hello peoplz, I was directed here from a guy from a server from a game with a name PO-O-O-KEMON OOOOONNNNLINEEEEE
I Just want to get my teams improved my the community
If you have PO you will see me as a man with many names such as.... Spade, Dimentio47 and of course The Undertaker...
Oh yeah and on that note of names an undertaker is a allocation thank you very much... or I think that's what its called, Its a job, not a WWE wrestler... I seriously had no idea someone had that dam-dangerously similar name.
Also if you see me on RTM the teams may look similar because I build off teams and such like dis: Project S-1 gets an upgrade and I name that team Project S-2 and blah blah blah.
On another note I have never used a forum before so... plz be gentle senpai XD
- Sincerley, Sinshirley, Sin-cere-ley His cat

P.S. Don't cut the blue wire.
Hi my name is Bradley I'm 18 years old and I love anime and video games. I've been into Pokémon since I was about 4 or 5. I live with my parents and my brother. (his username here is Brave Vesperia) We have 3 cats, a lizard and a bird. I have Asperger's syndrome(a high functioning form of autism) which is very misunderstood by most people so if I seem really weird to you, that's probably why. I also take being called weird as a compliment because that's what makes me different from everyone else. My brother got me into Pokébeach although we have both been into Pokémon since we were kids.
Hey I'm Vincent but you can all call me Vinnie. I joined because of the hype of pokemon X and Y and well I wanted to put forth my opinions and theories on the game! Plus I'm a fakemon artist so if there is a community for that on here point me in that direction! ^w^ thanks! About me, I live in Missouri, my favorite pokemon type is a tie between ghost and Fairy, my favorite pokemon is Sableye, I make my own trading card games, I'm an artist but not very good really :/ I make my own fakemon, I'm a homosexual, and I'm a furry! so...yah :D nice to be here!
Looked like a good place to chat about pokemon looked at a few forum listings and decided to join
found out about pokebeach on a google search
interests are video games and fanfiction
Hobbies are playin video games and reading fanfiction
Hey guys, I'm KaZuKo and I'm a 22 year old musician who loves the music of the Pokémon Games. I joined this site to share my music with you guys. I was looking for a Pokémon Community and this was the one I liked the most, so I decided to join the pokebeach. I hope you're going to like my music!
Hello fellow pokemaniacs I'm APX not sure what it stands for haha but I've been with Pokémon since Red and Blue in the late 90's. I've always played Pokémon casually since then and never been too much into the competitive scene. I like to collect and hoard as many Pokémon possible, basically I was the kid with two Gameboys/DS's growing up trading with myself. Being an adult is getting kind of boring so I'm trying to finally get with an online community so I can discuss and trade/battle with some people of the same interest.
i joined pokebeach because I couldn't access serebii from school, honestly
pokebeach is very well known. it would be impossible to not know about it, being a pokemon player
your interests: MLP:FiM, anime, computers
hobbies: Off of the top of my head other than pokemon would have to be analyzing MLP:FiM and watching anime
I am a relapsing pokemon player. I played gen one and just got back in with black2 white2. Since then, I have played a little bit of saphire and emerald. I plan to really enter the competitive pokemon circuit with X and Y
hello everyone i am ashton123805 and i just started pokebeach i joined to see what it was like i just found it on yahoo so ya.anyways i love pokemon and my favorite pokemon is dragonite i hope u like him too.i love to play outside and like to play on pokemon things alot.i hope this site is fun and hope i like it as much as you do. :)
Hi there, my name is Spidei / Bri. I'm from Wales, UK and I have been playing Pokemon for a long time.
I have prowled these forums for a while (looking for X and Y information ;) ), and the fact is I love Pokemon and I want to discuss it with other people so I thought I should finally sign up. I found this site while browsing for general Pokemon information.
My favourite Pokemon are Gourgeist, Absol, Houndoom and all the eeveelutions (especially Sylveon). My favourite types are dark, fire and electric.
Some of my interests include Pokemon, minecraft, music and art. My hobbies are gaming, watching anime and drawing.
Thanks for reading! :D
Yo what's good people. Call me RVGE or Rage. Which ever one works. I joined this forum because I felt like it'd be a fun time. I really like the vibe here. I found out about this place on the Internet... Is there a right way to answer that? Meh. Well I'm interested in making bonds with cool cats. So get at me. I like cats. But who doesn't these days? My hobbies including making people happy and having fun. And I just wanted to say that I really love cats. So lets be friends!
Sup guys Pokerich here. I decided with the Pokemon X and Y games coming up its time for me to become more interactive with other people who also play Pokemon. I've been a fan since the Red and Blue days. Definitely excited for X and Y. I've been following this community for some time now and I think you all are great. I found this site somewhat randomly a couple years ago but I'm glad I did. As far as hobbies go, not much to say except listening to music, football, video games, other general stuff. Looking forward to an awesome experience with you guys. Thanks.
Hi guys! I'm EdwardAR04, and I'm new in the forum XD I joined here because I hope to know a lot more of people that enjoy the Pokemon series, and because I wanna get informed about anything new in the Pokeworld (? I've been following these forums since a few weeks, and I can say there's a lot of people doing an amazing work informing about all of the news of Pokemon X/Y. I found this page the last year, and is totally amazing :D I haven't been a fan of Pokemon-games as much as many others, because I couldn't afford buying games when I was a child :/ So I started playing the games just a few years ago, but I've been a fan of the anime since I was a little kid :D

I like playing videogames and listening to music, common stuff XD And I look forward to become another member of this amazing community! :D