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  • Welcome to the forums. Your game does not meet the standards required for forum games on Pokebeach, so your thread will remain unapproved. In addition to that, all game submissions must be first put through me before they are eligible for approval.
    thanks, i'm sort of a newbie too I just play on simulators occasionally. Some formats I have gotten decent at though.

    The only thing is, I'd maybe wait a month or maybe even a few. Knowing a lot of people on the forums, getting a good rep, and becoming more natural and comfortable on the forums can help a lot. Also organisation, and knowing stuff about Pokemon can also help.
    Joshua1313, there isn't a Team Darkness. I was using examples lol.

    And as I also said in that post, Team's aren't active... But I can give you a link to an inactive Team thread that has about 20000 posts, and will get you a warning if you post in it :D
    Well, elaboration is always welcome (at least by me). I'm more of an OU player, but VGC is a necessary evil for me if I want to continue playing competitively.

    You can give yourself a few badges. The rest are generally earned. What do you mean by achievements?
    Hey! Welcome to PB. It's always nice to have new faces in the VGC corner. I hope you enjoy your stay.
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