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Hello other members I'm HawkityHawk (you can call me Hawk) and i'm here to basically enjoy pokemon news and i would love to talk about anything people wish to talk about whether or not it's X and Y, strategies, advice, honestly anything will do.
Hello everyone! I'm Epic-Rayquaza, and I'm here to read Pokemon news
I play the TCG but I'm not too good at it, but, I've got a good deck and are getting better at playing! :)
Hey guys, my name is 4aScoobySnack and I'm joined this community to participate in insightful discussions on both the video games and trading card game. I'm 20 years old and from Mississippi.

I've played the video games since Yellow version and have collected the cards for as long as I can remember! I've recently gotten back into Pokemon again and am very excited for X & Y. As for the trading card game, I'm relatively new in actually competing with it and am in the process of making a deck!
OIlo~! Karret here. I've known about Pokebeach for a while [since at least when Gen 5 info was being released. Possibly before that, but I don't remember definitively], but didn't make an account until today.
Uhh I like music [been focusing on metal/hard rock stuff lately. Currently listening to - lol - Volbeat]/singing, and drawing.... I mostly stick to the games with pokemon nowadays, but I do sometimes buy the cards here and there, mostly just to have them/look at the art. X'D;;;;
Hello! My name is Joseph (jdivinity is my artist alias), nineteen next month, I attend AAU with a major in Visual Development, and I'm a self proclaimed "dorky artist". I was introduced into the Pokemon world when I was at the mere age of five. I received Pokemon Yellow as a birthday present and fourteen years later I'm still as active as ever in the series. I joined Pokebeach right before Gen IV was released in America but I forgot my account I had back then. Several years later I have returned, more so because I'm pretty excited about X & Y. Go Froakie! ~
Hi !

My name is Etienne/mech_engineer and I am from Qc, Canada. This is my first time on a pokemon forum. First time I ever played pokemon was back in the days with my Gameboy and pokemon blue version. After that I kind of quit the pokemon family and got back about a year ago with my first time with the TCG. I've start collecting a bit with my girlfriend but realize that I'm more a player than a collector. I've attempt a few event this year but there is not so many of them in Québec and now I don't have that much time with a job that make me travel quite a bit (yeah yeah 24 years old and playing pokemon tcg). I still play TCGO to stay in touch with the game ;)
Hello everyone! I've known about pokebeach for at least three years and I decided to join this forum so that I can interact with others that enjoy pokemon as much as I do.
Hey everyone my name is Nathan(Damian online...don't ask why, just a thing) and I'm a pretty big Pokemon fan. My first ever video game I ever played was Yellow, and I've loved Pokemon since then. Found this site over a year ago and have been creeping for a long while, and finally decided to make an account to join the community^^ I'm a big fan of the TCG also, and I'm going to try to join the competitive scene after this year's worlds. I enjoy playing JRPGs and love reading. Well, hope to be a good member of the community, and hope I get along with everyone, Cheers!
Hi. I was looking for a fic written by a friend he said it would be among the top results in a google search of the title. I don't usually read Poké-fics, but I decided to read his in return for his r&r of my Bleach fic on Btw, if anyone else is interested in it, or in my silly crossover fic of varying degrees, my username there is Scaehime-KingofKing's Daughter. The spacing is non-standard because of the character limit for usernames.
I'm more into the video and card games for Pokémon than the anime or manga.
Hi everyone.

My name is Elizabeth but most people call me Liz or Lizzie.Ive watched Pokemon since i was 9 years old (16 now).Still havnt watched all the episodes but im working on it.I mostly play Pokemon emerald and preorderd Pokemon X.
Uh, hello. :U
I'm just some average artsy weirdo with way too much Pokemon merchandise. I'm probably not going to be super active as I'm more of a lurker type (I've been watching this forum for a while now, haha).
I'm most likely just going to post some silly pokemon drawings of mine at some point and sneak back into the shadows.
Hi everyone! My name is zard72 and I've been an avid pokemon fan since I was six years old. I've been following pokebeach for a few years now, and I've decided to join to discuss pokemon x and y.
hey there! I'm Xarc and I've finally joined the PokeBeach community. I've used the site at least six years now, probably more like 7 or 8. I just decided that it was about time I created my own account, just in case I wanna throw in my 2 cents. I've been into Pokemon since 4th grade-ish, but I didn't play the games until I was like 13 or so when my brother gave me a free copy of ruby AND emerald! Naturally, I just became spellbound by the awesomeness of the games and gravitated towards the pokemon genre in general (you know pokemon is its own game area!). All things aside, I'll probably just tag along with MoonMachine as a lurker who peruses through all the news and fan speculation.
Hello, I am Adan.
I play many Pokemon games, I spend a lot of time training and my favorites is Milokaross (Milotic)
My favorite Pokemon game is Pokemon Gold Version and I play a lot when I was a child.
How silly of me to forget to post here first... lol. I was too excited to post about the X and Y discussions! Anways, Hi! I'm Thief and I came here to just be apart of a community that loves pokemon. Also to discuss X and Y though of course.

My favourite pokemon is Glaceon by the way... :)

Hope all are doing well!
Hi, I'm Andrew, and I joined because I am looking for news on X and Y, and I really like hearing people's opinions. Unless they think Sylveon is a bug type. Those people are wrong.
I'm Ehren, and I honestly don't remember how I found out about this site. I've apparently had it in my bookmarks for ages, but I didn't realize it was here until someone asked me if I'd read the leaks coming out of the news page. I'm an avid Pokemon fan and have been since Red and Blue on the Gameboy, and I'm really looking forward to X/Y this fall.

My favorite type is Ghost, and my current favorite Pokemon is Chandelure (I love the whole Litwick line).
Shining Raikou said:
This is a thread for new members to introduce themselves. Post an introduction as well as things like:

  • why you joined
  • where you found out about PokéBeach
  • your interests
  • hobbies
  • anything else relevant

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Craig also known as TheCreg or MonTheCreg online. As far as the Pokemon franchise is concerned it's the video games that I am into most with Gen 4 being my first experience of the Pokemon games.

Other than this I like to indulge in a variety of different nerdy activities such as Computer Programming, Video Games, A Variety Of TV Shows, and so on.

I look forward to becoming a part of your community.

I'm Jam. Just registered to get a hold of all these Pokemon X/Y rumors, heh.
No other Pokemon game has been this hyped, it's crazy.

Anyway, my favorite Poke's are Dragonite and Politoed (hence my username haha), and my fave type is Dragon. :3
Started playing Red when I was young and loved the game since. Tah!