Pokemon If you could create a new type, what would it be?

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  1. jstar21 Team Froakie & Goomy


    With the new Fairy type being revealed in this generation, it got me thinking about what else they could possibly make a type down the line. I have my own idea but I would like to know and see the ideas of other fans as well.

    To make things easy, let’s assume that you don’t have to worry about balancing when you make the new type, but don't go overboard just use logic and reason for resistances and weaknesses. Also, try to name some current Pokemon that could be changed to the type.

    Here is my idea:

    Alien Type

    Description: The various Pokemon in this category have the typical look of what most would call an alien creature though that isn’t the case with all of them as some share resemblance to stars or planetary structures. In a similar fashion to how Dragon types can use various elemental attacks, Alien types can use various specialized attacks (Fighting, Dark and Psychic).


    Super Effective Against - Normal, Fighting, Dark and Psychic

    I consider those 4 types to represent humans and specialized talents that humans can have, but since most fiction depicts aliens as being better than humans physically and mentally I feel that this is best.

    Not Effective Against – Steel, Dragon, Fairy and Ghost

    I consider technology to be represented by Steel and tech can definitely defend against aliens in fiction. Now the other 3 to me represent magic or the supernatural which is something you never see aliens being involved with in most fiction outside of comic books.


    Immunities – Fire and Ice

    Space has extreme fluctuation in temperatures being extremely cold (Ice types) or extremely hot (Fire types) so I think it with the idea of these pokemon being from Space this works well as immunities.

    Resistances – Steel, Normal, Fighting, Dark and Psychic

    Same reasons as Super Effectiveness! Now as far as Steel goes, I wanted to make it similar to how Bug type and Fighting type resist each other. In fiction aliens can figure out technology rather quickly and adjust so I think it works.

    Weak to – Dragon, Fairy, Ghost and Poison

    The first 3 types are the same reason I gave in Not Effective Against! Poison is there because a common trope of aliens is that they wouldn’t be able to handle the toxins on Earth.

    Pokemon that could get a type change!

    Cleffa - Clefairy - Clefable (Pokedex says they are from the Moon)
    Staryu - Starmie (Pokedex says they are sending signals to something in Space)
    Lunatone (self explanatory)
    Solrock (self explanatory)
    Elgyem - Beheeyem (self explanatory)
    Deoxys (came to Earth as a Space virus in a meteor)

    Feel free to debate the typings just keep it nice please ;)

  2. Proceeded Ampha-bulos!


    RE: If you could create a new Type what would it be?

    A lot of people wanted this and I was one of 'em. Sound Type.

    Moves that could change to this type: Sonicboom, Supersonic, Screech, Sing, Growl, Howl, Chatter, Hyper Voice, Grass Whistle, Snarl, Snore, Sleep Talk, Uproar, Perish Song, Metal Sound, Bug Buzz, Roar, and Heal Bell. Oh yes, and Relic Song.

    Pokemon that could change to this type: Whismur line, Chingiling line, Voltorb line (As a secondary type), Chatot, (replace normal with Sound) Eh, forget the other ones. You guys know. (I just remembered Kricketot and Kricketune. Noivern also.

    Weak against: Steel (Sound doesn't travel through metal, right? Rock? (Does it travel through rock?)

    Strong against: Eh, not sure.

    Pokemon Ideas: Maybe an musical instrument Pokemon.
  3. Blob55 Aspiring Trainer


    RE: If you could create a new Type what would it be?

    Better Ice type:

    like the Ice type, but with Resistance to Ground, Water, Ice and Grass and gains 50% boost in both defenses when Hail is in effect.
  4. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    RE: If you could create a new Type what would it be?

    I would give Steel immunity to Sound type but it will not be balanced
    Sound type can be strong against Steel because steel can resamble mirrors and glass and screaming in movies makes the glass to break
    that way I like better actually :)
  5. Bashamo The Original Fire Fighter!


    RE: If you could create a new Type what would it be?


    Kind of like the psychic type similar to how rock and ground types are similar. The void type represents reality. The void types are mostly in the amorphous egg group and normaly have high sp. Def and sp. Att. They alsotend to have alien-esque appearances like Deoxys, Elgyem, and Darkrai.

    Weaknesses: Ghost, Psychic, Normal

    Resistances: Flying, Fairy, Dragon

    Types that resist: Ghost, Psychic, Dark

    Types that are weak to Void: Flying, Ground, Fairy
  6. jstar21 Team Froakie & Goomy


    RE: If you could create a new Type what would it be?

    Personally I never liked the idea of a Sound typing because I never felt that it was something "exclusive." What I mean by that is sound is not something exclusive as it is something all creatures are capable of doing, making sound! When you look at the other typings, not everything can be Fire or Ice, not everything is skilled at Fighting or has Psychic ability, not everything is a Ghost or a Dragon BUT everything can make sounds whether soft of loud, that's why it's listed under Normal.

    I can understand making attacks "sound based" as we already have an ability against those types of moves, but I can't ever see it being considered a possible typing. Just my opinion though.
  7. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

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    RE: If you could create a new Type what would it be?

    Digital type

    Pokemon that are humans creation that belong to the world of computers viruses and hacking
    Usually will have high speed and special attack. Plus they usually have low HP (battery issues)

    Super effective against psychic and electric
    psychic because of how in real life technology takes over our minds and Electric because electric is what makes them function

    resist to : Electric and Psychic
    electric gives them power similar to water and grass
    psychic is the mind of humans that is outclassed by the mind of the machine.

    Weak against : Water Digital and Ghost
    if water gets into your computer it will be ruined
    In many movies ghost appears when digital devices start to go crazy
    Viruses are used to damage other digital things so Digital is weak to itself

    Pokemon that can gain that type: Porygon line and Genesect maybe

    I am not sure about the name digital. Its also can be Machine or Virus
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  8. RE: If you could create a new Type what would it be?

    Cosmic Type

    Pokemon from outer space or from high in the air.

    Cleffa Fairy/Cosmic
    Clefairy Fairy/Cosmic
    Clefable Fairy/Cosmic
    Solrock Cosmic/Rock
    Lunatone Cosmic/Rock
    Baltoy Psychic/Cosmic
    Claydol Psychic/Cosmic
    Rayquazza Dragon/Cosmic
    Deoxys Cosmic
    Eyglem Cosmic/Psychic
    Beyheem Cosmic/Psychic

    Weak to - Electric, Cosmic, Ice (Hit by lightning, cosmic to balance, and ice because it freezes high up)
    Strong to- Dragon, Fairy (Just to balance out those types)
    Resistant to- Ground (Kinda like flying type)
  9. nightkeeper defending the night


    RE: If you could create a new Type what would it be?

    I like all of it, but I think "Cosmic" would be better received than "Alien".

    As for weaknesses, I'd say Electric as well... Because, well, ever seen an alien shrug off being struck by lightning? Not likely. It may be one of the elements it isn't used to.
  10. Mitja veteran smartass


    RE: If you could create a new Type what would it be?

    I'd probably reorganize and redefine the type system from the ground up rather than add more xD

    You missed Seismitoad and Pyroar.

    But the problem with some of these would be the dilemma of replacing a type.
    Like Seismitoad for example, it causes earthquakes with sound, but that's why it is Ground.
  11. CMP Now with 400% more Neo!


    RE: If you could create a new Type what would it be?

    Definitely would be easiest way to go about things.

    I think the easiest way to determine which types a theoretical Sound-type would replace is essentially how the Pokémon uses sound. Those like Whismur, Pyroar (presumably), etc. use their voices/pure sound to inflict damage/status changes, while (as you said) the vibrations are only a means to an end with Seismitoad. Additionally, I feel the focus is really not so much on the sound (loudness/the sound waves directly affecting the opponent) that the Seismitoad line creates, but the vibrations...which, I would assume, is similar to how other Ground-type Pokémon create Earthquakes. I mean, in 'dex entries it never really discusses decibel level of Sesimitoad's vibrations so much as the fact they produce earthquakes.

    The only thing that would really throw a wrench into the logic would be Noivern, whose theme is that of a creature producing ultrasonic waves. I think it could be viewed as a nail-in-the-coffin for a theoretical Sound-type, but who knows. I mean, Sound could probably replace the Flying and it's typing would still make sense.

    Until Noivern, I was all in favor of the type, but now I just don't find it viable (and Fairy-type has appeased me).
  12. Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder
    Bolt the Cat


    RE: If you could create a new Type what would it be?

    Yeah, I think this needs to happen first before they add any more types. A lot of the problems with the type chart can be fixed with a few simple changes like giving this or that type an extra or removed resistance.

    More on topic, most of these types are interesting, but don't seem to be very practical. Both times that Game Freak has added a new type, it was for balancing purposes, and none of these ideas add any sort of balance to the type chart. I can't really think of a type that would add that kind of balance, but I do know that it would have to have one or more of these weaknesses/resistances:

    -Weakness to Dark or Ghost (we're going to need one that's weak to one and a separate type that's weak to the other), Bug, Dragon?
    -Resistance (or possibly immunity) to Ghost?, Dragon?
    -SE against Water
    -Resisted by Grass, Rock, Ice

    But yeah, any further types that they would add to the game would have to address those problems.
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  13. King Xerneas Icy Goth
    King Xerneas


    RE: If You Could Create a New Type - What Would it Be?

    I know this is very vague, but:
    Beast Type: basically another species based types for the very beastly Pokemon ;D

    Strong Against: Fairy, Fighting, Flying, Beast
    I feel like the types it's good against fit as its "prey" where these beasts can kill people (fighting) and aerial creatures. I feel like in many myths fairies are a food source for mystical beasts(not dragons). And the weakness to itself is due to the dog eat dog world theory.

    Weak against: Poison, Steel, Dragon, Beast
    Poison is a given killer. Steel refrencing man made objects used for hunting. And dragon because I could just imagine a dragon ripping through some beast creature.

    I'm not quite sure what the resistances would be, but I know Steel would resist it.

    Pokemon for this type: Mightyena line, Luxray line, Electivire, Ursaring and Beartic lines, Stoutland, Pyroar, others.
    Like I said its a pretty vague type and most Pokemon that would be perfect candidates for this typing are already dual typed.
  14. Axell Starr I will set you ablaze now
    Axell Starr


    RE: If You Could Create a New Type - What Would it Be?

    Honestly, I really like your idea better than all the rest I've heard so far. Just wanted to say that, and i think Tauros and Bouffalant would fit into it.
  15. Jakeremix I wanna be the very best~


    RE: If You Could Create a New Type - What Would it Be?

    Cosmic is the best I can think of, and it's already been brought up.

    How about a dinosaur type? Dragons aren't the same as dinosaurs, so they could totally do it. Nah, I'm kidding. I really wouldn't like that, but I still find it weird how Tyrantrum is a dragon.
  16. Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder
    Bolt the Cat


    RE: If You Could Create a New Type - What Would it Be?

    Besides what I said earlier about "new types need to fix a type chart problem" that I mentioned earlier, Beast would overshadow Normal too much. A lot of beasts are just normal animals, and don't really have special abilities or anything like other Pokemon do. If you were to make Beast a type, Normal would probably lose a lot of Pokemon and wouldn't have much of an identity left.
  17. Jakeremix I wanna be the very best~


    RE: If You Could Create a New Type - What Would it Be?

    I was thinking a bit more, and I came up with a new idea. At first I was thinking about the sun-type, and although I personally think it's a good idea, there's a few problems with it. Most obviously, it sounds too much like fire, and second, you can't have a sun-type without a moon-type. So I continued thinking, and I decided to rename this to solar-type. If they were to ever make a cosmic (I prefer this name) or alien-type, I figure either of them would be the "moon-type." Therefore, solar-type and cosmic-type would be opposites.

    Now, since we learned about fairies, it's eliminated basically any chance of the light-type being introduced in the future. However, I like to think the solar-type is the halfway point between fire and light, so it's the next best thing.

    SO TO SUM THIS ALL UP... Solar-type is my idea. It could be introduced with or without the cosmic-type, but if they both existed at one point, they'd be opposites. Solar is the light-type, but it shares characteristics with fire as well.

    I think it's pretty clever, personally. If this gets any good feedback, I'll probably work on type changes, moves, etc. as well.
  18. Axell Starr I will set you ablaze now
    Axell Starr


    RE: If You Could Create a New Type - What Would it Be?

    I just thought of one. An air type. I'd be like similar in the way ground is to rock. I guess it's weaknesses would be poison (pollution), dark (shadows), and psychic (telekinesis). Possibly ghost too. I don't know. I do think it'd also be super effective against poison (like a fan in a smokey room), I can see it working against fairies, and working against water (a fish out of water). And it'd have an immunity to ground.
  19. 98Greener tree noises


    RE: If You Could Create a New Type - What Would it Be?

    New type?
    Egh, that's hard....
    Probably a Cyber type.

    It's based on Pokemon who have been created by man.
  20. Mitja veteran smartass


    RE: If You Could Create a New Type - What Would it Be?

    Okay here is the single only type I would ever want to see added on top of the 18:

    (and don't tell me Flying covers it, because it only does when there is no other element involved like in Leaf Storm, Fire Spin, Twister, or maybe not even necessarily pure wind-based stuff since Whirlwind is Normal! And also because Flying has NOTHING to do with wind conceptually in what the type is about. Flying is about taking advantage of techniques/abilities that allow you to overcome gravity. Its about being capable of flight)

    Wind-type moves are
    Resisted by: Grass, Bug, Rock, Ice
    Super Effective on: Fire, Water, Electric, Flying

    Wind type Pokemon are
    Weak to: Bug, Electric, Dragon
    Resistant to: Fire, Ground, Rock, Ghost, Fairy

    (holy ****, I added so much needed balance to the type chart, that gamefreaks attempt with Fairy looks silly in comparison. They managed to nerf 1 overused type and give some use to 2 poor offesive choices, while I buffed 4 of the weakest types defensively, weakend several types that deserve another weakness, and made Bug and Dragon moves have more use, while nerfing several of the most dangerous offenses out there.)

    Candidates for retyping:

    -Butterfree: Bug/Wind
    -Gyarados: Water/Wind
    -Dragonite: Dragon/Wind
    -Hoppip/Skiploom/Jumpluff: Grass/Wind
    -Beautifly: Bug/Wind
    -Masquerain: Bug/Wind
    -Chimecho: Psychic/Wind
    -Drifloon/Drifblim: Ghost/Wind
    -Fan Rotom: Electric/Wind
    -Whimsicott: Grass/Wind
    -Vanillite/Vanillish/Vanilluxe: Ice/Wind

    -Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot: Wind/Flying
    -Lugia: Wind/Psychic
    -Flygon: Wind/Dragon
    -Tornadus: Wind/Flying (finally it would make sense next to its Electric/Flying and Ground/Flying bros)

    This list is probably bigger than what gamefreak will change for Fairy, and has actual primary typed ones too.

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