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  • I would like to respectfully ask you not to call me dude. I do not like to be addressed as "dude". Thank you.
    Ah nice, I'm probably also going to focus mainly on Y, cause of the legendary haha :p But I'm buying both, that way I can trade Pokémon to myself, I usually do that so I can play with all starters xD
    Nice! I want to learn how the TCG works, it seems nice. I used to have a lot of them, but I lost them as a kid. I never understood the rules though, I just collected them xD I'll start collecting them again when I figure out the rules. I also play most of the games, currently focusing on getting a nice new house for Dream World. Which Gen 6 game are you getting?
    Welcome to Pokébeach! Please be sure to read the rules and enjoy your stay. If you have any questions, ask a moderator or super moderator :D
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