Pokemon If you could create a new type, what would it be?

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  1. Jakeremix I wanna be the very best~


    RE: If You Could Create a New Type - What Would it Be?

    Personally, I'm not really sure why Dragonite, Gyarados, and Flygon are on that list, but damn... This is seriously perfect. This would be one awesome flipping type.

    Rotom NEEDS THAT TYPING. It is not flying. Honestly...

  2. Chimera Champion of the Orange League


    RE: If You Could Create a New Type - What Would it Be?

    Can I just say I'm stunned that's nobody has suggested a Light-type? I'd thought that was the most common fan type. I guess most of the thought process is that Fairy fills Light's niche now...which it doesn't, honestly. It's close enough that it will never be an official type since it would balance a bit of the same stuff, but thematically they're quite different.

    My take on Light is just that - pure, elemental light, a "core" element that somehow isn't directly represented in pokemon at the moment. Light would go on anything with bio-luminescence or that naturally gives off light in other capacities (some Fires and Electrics), as well as some pokemon with solar/lunar thematics that are more light-based than space-based (which fall more under Psychic, so Lunatone/Solrock wouldn't be getting retyped), and most with star thematics. A quick, rough list of pokemon that might have their types changed:

    Ampharos: Electric/Light
    Luxray: Electric/Light
    Latios/Latias: Dragon/Light
    Starmie: Water/Light
    Jirachi: Steel/Light
    Cresselia: Psychic/Light
    Volbeat/Illumise: Bug/Light
    Manaphy: Water/Light
    Gigalith: Rock/Light (maybe? crystals kinda fall under Light's domain, so Rock-types with crystals would gain a Light typing)

    And of course the new typing would come with new pokemon focused more around Light itself, so it's not just limited to Psychics that only barely fit into that type.

    As for the type chart:

    Light is super-effective on: Dark, Ghost, Bug
    Light is not-very-effective on: Grass, Steel, Ice, Ground, Light
    Light has no effect on: N/A

    Light by itself doesn't actually do all that much - it does the most damage when it's focused as heat, or via the higher-energy EM waves, which aren't visible to the naked eye. So Light is a somewhat poor offensive typing, only hitting SE on things that are especially affected by the light, and being NVE on anything that reflects, absorbs, or blocks light, as well as itself, as all other elemental types resist themselves.

    Super-effective on Light: Ground, Ice
    Not-very-effective on Light: Fire, Electric, Fairy, Ghost, Bug, Light
    No effect on Light: Dark

    Conversely, there is very little that directly damages light, so Light has few weaknesses (only Ground, which blocks it out, and Ice, which fragments it, I guess? seriously, coming up with weaknesses for this type was tough). And in pokemon, most types that could be seen as derivatives of another type (Rock and Steel from Ground, Ghost from Dark, Ice from Water) are either ineffectual against or weak to the 'origin' type. In this case, Light resists the "less pure" light sources (Fire and Electric), as well as a more specialized type in the same vein (Fairy) and things that shy from the light (everything that's weak to Light).

    The end result is something similar to Steel pre-Fairy: a weak offensive typing that also happens to be a great defensive typing, and while an excellent typing to have is rarely used for STAB if there are better options.
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    RE: If You Could Create a New Type - What Would it Be?

    From a balance perspective, this is good, but some of these type matchups don't make sense in terms of real world logic. Why is Electric weak to Wind? Why is Bug super effective against and resistant to Wind? What about Ghost?

    Gyarados would definitely not be Wind, it's Flying type purely because it's supposed to be able to fly (because of that Japanese legend that Gyarados is based on).
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    RE: If You Could Create a New Type - What Would it Be?

    For the sake of it xD
    Theres probably a number of match-ups that don't seem to have a "real world logic" basis

    Why is Grass resisting Electric? (I actually wanna know if this one has an explanation btw)
    Why does Water resist Steel?
    Why was Steel resistant to Dark/Ghost, and why isn't it anymore?
    Why does Dark resist itself?

    Because I thought its definitely based on koinobori, the japanese karp windsocks.

    Its supposed to fly? Do you have a source for that? o:
  5. bacon !!!!!


    RE: If You Could Create a New Type - What Would it Be?

    Best type = Food type

    Check it out.

    Weakness: Poison
    Resistance: Fire, Ice

    SE against: Fighting
    NVE against: Ghost

    Candidates: Exclusive to Vaniluxe line and Cherubi.

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  6. His Goominess Galvantula stan
    His Goominess


    RE: If You Could Create a New Type - What Would it Be?

    You forgot Swirlix as a candidate :p
  7. Proceeded Ampha-bulos!


    RE: If You Could Create a New Type - What Would it Be?

    Combee reminds me of a Honeycomb, so Combee could be a Bug/Food type. Maybe Sunkern, too. Sunkern is a sunflower seed, after all. Certain mushrooms are safe to eat, Foongus line is a good Food type candidate as well.

  8. jstar21 Team Froakie & Goomy


    RE: If You Could Create a New Type - What Would it Be?

    Grass types are technically plants and since plants have roots in the ground you can say that Grass types are capable of grounding Electric attacks to take less damage.

    I could give a reason for why Water resists Steel but that would just raise the question of why it doesn't resist Normal, Fighting and Rock as well, and then my other reason would just ask why Steel isn't weak to Water...

    It's hard to use "real world" logic for Ghosts as no one has ever caught one and studied it ;P

    Dark types are sneaky and use tricks all the time hence "Evil" type in Japan. An evil person would know all the evil tricks so it would be hard to surprise them with one of their own tricks which is why Dark resists itself.

    and that's my 2 cents.
  9. Jakeremix I wanna be the very best~


    RE: If You Could Create a New Type - What Would it Be?

    I DID mention a light-type. I mentioned the solar-type which is pretty darn close.
  10. Gumball The Best Goomy in Town


    RE: If You Could Create a New Type - What Would it Be?


    Super Effective against Ice, Fighting, Electric, Flying

    Weak against Steel, Psychic, Ghost

    I feel that Sound-type would be a great addition to the list of types we have already. So many Pokemon would be retconned, and there are so many new design possibilities. They would be able to learn a lot of Flying moves, and vice versa. They would usually be very good (special) attacking Pokemon, and in my opinion are very balanced in terms of strengths and weaknesses. If anyone wants to know why I chose the strengths and weaknesses, feel free to ask.

    I would also like to see a Light-type, but that's already been brought up. ;)
  11. Vulpix's Tales Aspiring Trainer
    Vulpix's Tales


    RE: If You Could Create a New Type - What Would it Be?

    I will repeat what the others said - sound-type.

    Many pokemon use sounds as attack: Sing, Chatter, Echo Voice, Growl, Howl, Screech. Some pokemon are even famous for using their voice against enemies (Chatot, Jigglypuff).

    My own details:

    Super effective against:
    Ice (it can crush the ice with its voice)
    Bug (small bugs would be scared of stong noises)
    Fighting (big noise would not allow enemies to focus on attacks)
    Fairy (fairies like peace)

    Weak against:
    Dragon (dragons make strong noise themselves so they would not care)
    Water (you can't sing under water XD)
    Steel (look --> dragons)

    The Pokémon I would transform into the sound-type:
  12. Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder
    Bolt the Cat


    RE: If You Could Create a New Type - What Would it Be?

    These are pretty questionable reasons for a type advantage.

    This is better reasoning for those types resisting Sound, not weaknesses to Sound. Sound's weaknesses would be based on which types could disrupt or distort sound, such as Water and maybe Steel.

    Zubat line already has two very fitting types, it probably won't get retyped.
  13. Vulpix's Tales Aspiring Trainer
    Vulpix's Tales


    RE: If You Could Create a New Type - What Would it Be?

    Bold The Cat, I only wrote the reasons of why the sound-type moves would not effect dragon, water and steel type pokemon too much.

    I know that the Zubat line is two-typed Pokémon and it will probably not be changed. I only wrote what I would do, if I had a chance to add a new type to the game.
  14. Kaiser Dynamo I Hate Fairies...
    Kaiser Dynamo


    RE: If You Could Create a New Type - What Would it Be?

    Aura Type

    Weak To:
    Psychic - Controls aura

    Resistant To:
    Poison - Aura is similar to spirit, so it can't really be poisoned physically
    Dark - Aura resists the evil of Dark-Type

    Immune To:
    Fairy - The energy of Aura-Type overcomes Fairy-Type's magic as aura is somewhat of an energy which I guess can't be manipulated by magic, causing immunity (Also helps balance Fairy's uncanny trait of being able to effect everything)

    Suppereffective Against:
    Ghost - Ghosts are similar to manifestations of aura (according to Wikipedia :p) therefore the Aura-Type is supereffective against the darker, more ghastly version of itself
    Normal - Aura is able to control (Possess) normal or natural un-elemental beings
    Dark - The light energy of the Aura-Type combats the Dark-Type

    Resisted By:
    Steel - It's strength, sturdiness, and density protects it from the energy of Aura-Type
    Ground - Basically the same thing as Steel

    Aura Sphere, Bone Rush, Focus Energy, Energy Ball, Force Palm (All have to do with exerting energy of some sort)

    Riolu & Lucario - Obvious
    Zorua and Zoroark - Their ability to transform into different Pokemon kinda seems like they're using the target's aura and copying it
    Dialga. Palkia, & Giratina - All have to do with the three major forms of matter, which are somewhat similar to an energy or aura
    Mespirit, Uxie, Azelf - All three have to do with emotion and have strange and mysterious powers, relating them to a kind of aura (Mespirit has "spirit" in it's name, very similar to aura)
  15. Andrew Scholte Aspiring Trainer
    Andrew Scholte


    I would make seven:

    1. Death
    2. Cyber
    3. Time
    4. Cosmic
    5. Light
    6. Sound
    7. Space

    Battle Properties for each type:

    Super Effective Against:
    Grass, Water, Fighting, Flying, Bug

    Weak to:
    Time, Cyber, Fairy, Light

    Grass, Flying, Bug, Death

    Not Very Effective Against:
    Time, Cyber, Fairy, Ground, Death

    Immune to:

    No Effect Against:

    Super Effective Against:
    Steel, Time, Death

    Weak to:
    Flying, Electric, Rock

    Time, Death, Cyber, Dark

    Not Very Effective Against:
    Electric, Flying, Cyber

    Immune to:


    Super Effective Against:
    Space, Death, Grass, Rock, Cosmic

    Weak to:
    Cyber, Space, Light, Fire

    Death, Grass, Cosmic

    Not Very Effective Against:
    Cyber, Light

    Time and Space are Super Effective against eachother


    Super Effective Against:
    Psychic, Dragon, Rock

    Weak to:
    Ice, Time, Space, Light

    Psychic, Dragon, Rock, Cosmic

    Not Very Effective Against:
    Ice, Time, Space, Light, Cosmic


    Super Effective Against:
    Dark, Death, Time, Space, Sound, Cosmic

    Weak to:
    Steel, Water, Dark

    Death, Time, Space, Sound, Cosmic, Fire, Bug, Ghost, Fairy, Ice, Ground, Light, Rock, Flying, Electric

    Not Very Effective Against:
    Steel, Grass, Light

    Immune to:

    Light and Dark are Super Effective against eachother


    Super Effective Against:
    Steel, Ice, Fighting, Fairy

    Weak to:
    Light, Grass

    Steel, Ice, Fighting, Fairy, Sound

    Not Very Effective Against:
    Light, Water, Sound


    Super Effective Against:
    Cosmic, Ghost, Time

    Weak to:
    Time, Light, Psychic, Fighting

    Cosmic, Rock, Flying, Normal

    Not Very Effective Against:
    Light, Psychic, Fighting, Normal

    Time and Space are Super Effective against eachother

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