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  • Vulpix's Tales,
    If you ever get back to playing it and need me to find out, just drop me a message. Thanks! ^.^
    Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here?

    Some one looking at my profile?

    Just kidding. :)
    Vulpix's Tales, I get that a lot :) The icon is a drawing of one of my characters.
    Oh boy, I've logged 12 hours into Y over 2 days. This game hasn't disappointed me one bit, I'm so glad I bought it right away. Are you still waiting on your copy? If so I'm sorry if I'm making you jealous, it's just so awesome! ;o;
    Vulpix's Tales, Good to know I'm not the only one who plays games that way. I never really decided how fast I want to play though Y, but there's probably no point in trying to decide. I'll just play it at the pace that makes sense when I finally have it. And hey, that might sound weird but I don't see any problems with that. I look at that as just having a healthy imagination, nothing wrong especially if you find enjoyment in it.
    Vulpix's Tales, Yeah, that's smart. To be honest I would have preferred to have done it early but now that I've finally done it today I feel pretty good. When you get your game do you plan on rushing through it or playing it slowly so you can enjoy it longer? Typically I try not to speed through new games but I haven't decided what I want to do yet.
    Vulpix's Tales, Haha wow, having bad dreams about Pokemon information. That's how you know we're special people. And by "special people" I think I just mean nerds, lol. As silly as your dream may sound, my point is you're probably not the only one to have a dream like that in the Pokemon community. x3

    I actually still have to preorder my game, I plan on doing that today. I'm hoping there's nothing against preordering things somewhat late because I know a lot of people order games months in advanced. I basically don't want to go out on Saturday and be disappointed if places are already sold out. Normally I just hang out with friends on the weekends but knowing they're just as excited as I am they'll probably too busy playing to want to hang out. xP
    Vulpix's Tales, Yeah, it'd be pretty cool to have the games early, but at this point I don't really mind waiting. If anything, the games are coming out too soon, I don't know if I'm ready. : P
    Vulpix's Tales, No matter how long it takes you to finally play it, as long as you enjoy it it'll be fully worth the wait. :] And yeah, I could totally see that. If I wanted to check out some leaks I wouldn't even know what to believe/not to believe. People have been making fake stuff ever since X and Y was revealed pretty much. And the things is, with the leaks going on now it makes any fake image someone wants to create is that much more believable since some people already have the games meaning the possibility of it being real is actually there.
    Vulpix's Tales, Aww dang, that's too bad. I suppose a few days wait shouldn't be too bad. Have you been paying attention to the recent leaks at all? Personally I've been looking at all the official revealed information but the people posting videos and photos online of the games early is the stuff I avoid. I don't mind the minor spoilers but spoiling the entire game would take a lot of fun out of it for me.

    And yeah, I think ever since Gold for the Gameboy Color I've used the water type starter for all of my first playthroughs. Honestly I think they did great with all the designs for the 6th gen starters, just not quite sure if I'm a huge fan of the art direction their evolutions took.
    Vulpix's Tales, Ahh, that's neat. And really? Not going to lie, having a fox as a pet sounds amazing. Purple has to be one of my favorite colors, so that's interesting to note. I was actually considering picking Fennekin, but normally I just pick the water starter as my choice for any new Pokemon game and I like Froakie a lot anyway. Also when I saw Fennekin's stage 1 evolution I was pretty disappointed, so I'm glad I wanted Froakie in the first place, haha. Are you excited for X/Y? I plan on picking up Y on day 1.
    Vulpix's Tales, Oh you're welcome, and that's cool. I'm a fan of foxes as well. Someone I know adores fennec foxes so they got really excited when they revealed Fennekin, hah.
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