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Really any style would work, but what I'm looking for I've been having difficulty finding. Basically I'm looking for interiors of gyms for Stadium cards from the Johto region. So like for a Blackthorn City Gym card and such.
Aaah, okay, I definitely misinterpreted your question - I was thinking Pokemon art for Gym-era cards! Finding similar sort of pre-made interiors for Gym/Stadiums would require a bit of searching on DeviantArt and/or Google, perhaps with search terms such as "interior", "3D", "stock", "free", "background/backdrop" and the like. One of our past fakers, @kachitta, who you might remember, has made some neat gym interior art using Photoshop, with some examples in their gallery. I asked her how she did it once, and these were the tips she gave:

Some tips? I have prepared bitmaps with gym field and gym sign in their normal shape. I copy them to some real-life image and transform them using Scale, Perspective and Cage Transform tools to fit onto the surface in the image. Then I copy the base image into the Layer Mask of the inserted layer to apply the texture, sometimes it's needed to adjust Brightness-Contrast of the mask. When the surface is jagged, I split the inserted layer in several ones and transform them using Cage Transform until I have a feeling of reality. Is it clear?

I haven't tried it myself, but it sounds somewhat basic yet effective. I think there's a lot of room for this technique to be experimented with so that the stock can be manipulated to feel more "gym-like", beyond just pasting a gym field and sign on real-life places. The difficulty here would be finding real-life, free-to-use interior images that work well. Some of my favourite free stock image sites are Unsplash and Pixabay, but I'm not sure if they would have anything you'd be looking for.

The other option, if you're looking for creating your own art, would be to use the 3D design engine Unity. @BigfootAUS was experimenting with this a lot when he was around, but learning to use the engine, and then using it well, can both be significant learning curves.
is there a font guide anywhere for aschefield101's Pokemon Sun+Moon blanks?
AFAIK asche tends to not make his own font guides anymore, but most of the fonts and such remain the same (the sole exception, I think, being the Pokédex entry font––that one might be tricky). In lieu of a standard font guide I'd like to shamelessly recommend one of my own tutorials [link], which should help figuring out placements from scratch. :)
This texture site used to cost monies, but now it's all free-to-use. I'm sure someone will find a use for something:
I just added this, plus a few other free stock sites I know about, to our artist's compilation here. If anyone comes across some potential artists online or some neat stock image sites, drop them here and I'll add them to this compilation!
Here's two Trainer cards -- one with the copyright info for Classic-era, and another for Neo-era.
Sorry to update already, but the blank has been updated with better, clearer textures (specifically in the "TRAINER" wood and the screws in the effect box).

hey im looking for a tutorial o guide to make this background texture in photoshop?
im working actually with gradient + gaussian blur + noise and looks good, but is not the same, hope you can help me..tcgpikasunmoonfriendstcg.jpg
Honestly, the easiest way might be to just rip it from a scan and then change it to whatever color you need.
Quick question, is there a font guide for SM era cards? I think I have most of them down, but I'm a little lost on the flavour text if anyone happens to know that offhand.
For SM on my templates, same as XY as lots of lazyness with this era:
  • Name: Gill Sans Std - Bold - 50pt - 88% text width (width will vary on size of name)
  • Evolves From: Frutiger LT Std - 56 Italic - 15pt - 96% text width
  • Dex Stats: Frutiger LT Std - 67 Bold Condensed - 14.5pt - 100% text width - center aligned
  • Attack Name: Gill Sans Condensed - Bold - 42pt - 96% text width (Ability hexcode: a30000)
  • Attack Details (same for GX details): Gill Sans - Regular - 29.04pt - 96% text width
  • GX Attack Name: Gill Sans Condensed - Bold - 43.09pt - 95% text width
  • Pokedex Entry: Gill Sans - Regular - 20pt - 96% text width - left aligned (black stroke on Dark templates)
  • Set Number: Frutiger LT Std - 66 Bold Italic - 18.37pt - 96% text width
  • Illus Text: Futura Std - Bold Oblique - 15pt - 95% text width
Asche, you know what font is the top ''basic, stage 1, Stage 2'' text? i don't know and dont look really good, i want to change that.. if you can help me :)
Regarding the Sun and Moon Blanks, when will the Fighting, Psychic, Metal, Fairy, Water and Dragon Blanks be live?