Pokemon Evolutions you think are unnecessary

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  1. keldeo91 Intermediate Hacker


    On the subject of baby Pokemon, here are a few baby Pokemon (and new evos) I think should exist:

    Baby Lapras - Lapras's beta name was going to be Ness, after the Loch Ness Monster. I think a good name for a baby Lapras would be "Nessie."
    Evolved Farfetch'd - Farfetch'd just seems to me to be too "basic." Can't really think of a name, but I think it's a good idea.
    Baby Lickitung - As Netherwing said, Tungtyde!
    Chained evo for Surskit that keeps Bug/Water - It could be a very useful Water-type. Perhaps it would evolve by level-up while knowing a certain move that it would not have been able to learn prior.
    Chained evo for Nincada that keeps Bug/Ground - Not sure what this would be, but I think it should be done.

    That's all I can really think of. Most Gen 4 and 5 Pokemon seem just fine for evos in my opinion.

  2. frostwind I'm baaaacccckkkk


    Personally, the next new way to evolve pokemon is cross. Example, crawdaunte and kingler could both evolve into the same pokemon. A crossbreed of lobsters and crabs.
    Much less useless evolutions.
  3. BellaD Aspiring Trainer


    I'm saying it right now. I don't think the two New Eevee evolutions were needed. The Ice and Grass ones. I would love to see more baby pokemon, but maybe some "elder" pokemon too, you know what I mean? How cool would it be if Charizard had a cane and a long greybeard.
  4. Glace Top 8, Worlds 2013

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    >_>. I think that Glaceon and Leafeon were completely needed. Glaceon is the best eeveelution (IMO), and Leafeon was great too. The other added evolutions Gliscor.. jk like Lickylicky are not needed.
  5. Zhaituki The hollowized typhlosion tamer.


    Too bad that espeon, jolteon and vaporeon were made the best for VGC. :p I do like Glaceon the most of those.
  6. scizorlicious Now with one fewer 's'


    Flareon's clearly the coolest, but by far the worst in the videogames. Flareon, Umbreon, Espeon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon have all been used in WC decks in the past, so Glaceon and Leafeon are left out of that... Leafeon's probably my least favorite, tbh, and not at all necessary.
  7. BeserkMagikarp Kurly Wurly


    Leafeon and Glaceon were totally not unecessary! I used leafeon in my platinum playthrough, and it is quite a good attacker for a grass type.
  8. cataha :-)


    Pichu. They completely ruined Pikachu with that ugly thing. And personally I wish they did something different for Raichu; he's just a fatter, darker version of Pikachu.

    Ironic how my username contains "Pikachu", but I hate it now.
  9. Metalizard Aspiring Trainer


    Seriously, what's so wrong with evolutions? You guys keep making these stupid threads and I always wonder why...
    All Gen IV evos are awesome, it's 1 of the main reasons gen IV is my favorite gen. Ok, some weren't really needed (Porygon-Z for example), but that doesn't make them uncool. And stupid arguments like "I think Weavile or Honchkrow aren't necessary because I don't like them" doesn't change the fact that Sneasel and Murkrow for example sucked at gameplay and needed evos to raise their BST... Most Gen IV evos have much higher BSTs than regular fully evolved pokémon.

    @frostwind: That would be a bit like DNA Digivolution, in Digimon... But I don't think it is a bad ideia at all...

    @BeserkMagikarp: I agree. I used Leafeon for a while in Platinum, and it is good. Too bad it only learns Leaf Blade at level 70-something...
  10. scizorlicious Now with one fewer 's'


    ...'nuff said.
  11. Rhyperior. They added like 10 points to each of its stats.

    Electivire and Magmortar. Electabuzz and Magmar were already capable Pokemon.

    Porygon-Z. Similar to the above, Porygon2 was already a solid Pokemon.

    Froslass and Gallade: While I like these two Pokemon, I could never figure out why they were created.

    Dusknoir. Like Rhyperior, they added about 10 points to each of Dusclops' stats. Its unnecessary.
  12. scizorlicious Now with one fewer 's'


    Because male Gardevoir and female Glalie are just... odd. They at least had to let you evolve it into something more suitable to the other gender.
  13. Zhaituki The hollowized typhlosion tamer.


    Froslass is really good in hail teams, Glalie is good in.... nothing in VGC enviromnent... Porygon Z is the sweeper while 2 being wall now thx to eviolite. About Electivire.... so it's unnecessary to jump into better tier cus of evolution...

    Dusknoir indeed is unnecessary now cus of eviolite.
  14. don()shinobi PokeBeach's Yu-Gi-Oh enthusiast. I guess.


    If Dusknoir didn't exist, then Dusclops wouldn't even be able to use the Eviolite.
  15. Metalizard Aspiring Trainer


    @Scizorliscious: I like Lickilicky... too bad for you if you don't :p...

    @Bippa201: About Rhyperior... yeah, maybe it wasn't "really" necessary, but Rhyperior looks really good to me. I remember that when I first saw it, I was really surprised. Electabuzz and Magmar may very well be capable pokémon, but Scyther was too and it still got an evolution. At least in the gen 4 evos case, their BST raised while Scyther and Scizor both have 500. But again, I don't really have a problem with that.
    As for Dusknoir, at least Dusknoir has some offensive potential, while Dusclops, not so much...

    @Pokefan4000: very well observed...
  16. MrGatr Goin Rogue Baby :DDD


    I don't think they should have evolved Magmar, Magmar was just fine on its own, Magby, and Magmortar ruined the line. All the other ones you guys say, I like, they look good.
  17. Zhaituki The hollowized typhlosion tamer.


    Magmortar was what Magmar line needed seriously, magmar itself is poor competitively in VGC.... well Magmortar is not OU material but defo is bit of a threat in UU.
  18. catutie Ahhhhh back......er....kind of


  19. TheGuy Member since '09


    I have an intense hate for Slowking. He should have been left as a Slowbro.

    Along with the evolutions like Silcoon and Metapod who only learn Harden.
  20. NinjaSamurai ☆☆Yeah☆☆



    Yeah, Guy89 sums it up pretty well.

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