Pokemon Evolutions you think are unnecessary

Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by His Goominess, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. BeserkMagikarp Kurly Wurly


    Lickilicky, nuff' said.

    Its just grown around its waste, gotten taller, and it's head has changed shape a little.

  2. Nigel Extra Spicy



    Mustelid -> Mustelid -> Sea Lion?

    I personally think that they should have kept the otter thing going.
  3. Snurkee Espeon love! <3


    I have one word for this thread. Lickylicky.
  4. Light Type PoKéMoN Exist Aspiring Trainer
    Light Type PoKéMoN Exist


    Well these are the evolutions I think are kinda unnecessary.

    Dugtrio-Its just three Diglett's clumped together no sense whatsoever.
    Magneton-Same as Dugtrio but with three clumped Magnemite's like where's the sense of imagination in creating something that's different from it's previous evolution.
    Poliwrath-Personally I think Poliwhirl is way better off just evolving into a Politoed Poliwrath is just a bigger Poliwhirl with a secondary type besides all tadpole's turn into frogs or toads Poliwrath is one out of two of Poliwhirl's final evolutions and remains a tadpole at least that's what it's Pokédex entry states.
    Klinklang-A Klang that basically just has an extra gear around it why didn't they just add the extra gear to Klang and just let Klink evole once.

    These Pokémon evolutions aren't bad they just dumbfound me when it comes to it previous evolution's physical appearance.


    And this last one is one I believe needs to considered as it's own species and I'm referring to Kangaskhan's Baby I mean seriously when are they going to classify as it's own species.
  5. scizorlicious Now with one fewer 's'


    I like Magneton and Dugtrio. Evolutions don't have to be super-flashy. Same with Poliwrath.

    I agree about Klinklang, it's really not that great.

    Dragonair is just a cooler version of Dratini.

    Octillery is a cannon, Remoraid is a pistol. It's a natural evolution.

    Vibrava's evolutionary line is actually based on a real animal. But not one that I can remember the name of right now.

    As for Huntail and Gorebyss, I don't know enough about what they're based on to say anything about them. But there's probably some explanation.
  6. Blah DBT


    Tangrowth is completely unnecessary. They just took tangela, which is a pile of tentacles with eyes, and made it taller with more tentacles and with hands.
  7. icyFREEZEdragon royal crown chinpokomaster


    Poliwrath: Seriously, final form of a tadpole is a tadpole with fists.
  8. BeserkMagikarp Kurly Wurly


    So basically you're saying you would have wanted anorith on its own...
    If we didn't have second evolutions, the game would be to easy.
  9. flygon222


    Agreed 100%. I think the final evolution should have similar to Politoad, and green. But not Politoad.
  10. Light Type PoKéMoN Exist Aspiring Trainer
    Light Type PoKéMoN Exist


    Dude I agree 100% he was one of my choices on my list of unnecessary evolutions along with Magneton, Dugtrio and, Klinklang.
  11. frostwind I'm baaaacccckkkk


    Poliwrath is dumb. What to tadpoles turn into? Frogs, toads and salamanders. 3 options and they choose a tadpole with an opposite swirly line.

    Flygon is beastly and is actually a real animal/ growth from a trapinch to a flygon. One of those few epic animals that seem to good to jave natural origins. Think theyre called antlions
  12. FlyingChainChomp Ruff, ruff!


    Rhyperior just seems odd. Rhydon already looked like a good final form but Rhyperior is so... complex? Not sure how to describe it. Could've made a baby Rhyhorn instead? lol

    Other evolutions I didn't really like:


    Well I guess they were necessary though since the stats for their preforms weren't anything beastly but man some of the Gen 4 extra evos were butt ugly.
  13. scizorlicious Now with one fewer 's'


    You'll have to talk with [member]Gliscor[/member] on this one...

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