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I do take pride in my facial expressions.

Just a few 20-30 minute flat environment sketches.

A more detailed oceanic landscape of a marketplace. Makes me want to do something with it. I’d have to get a bunch of specific references for it though.


And I swear I can get some kind of Pokemon fusion out of this.
@Delta I like the market place, it reminds me of The Last Airbender! idk why...
and with your other post which fusions!? I thought about Onix/Steelix.. Skarmory maybe Dunsparce? lol
I was thinking Onix/Shellder.

I do love the marketplace, and I can definitely see The Last Airbender in it. Rather like Omashu.

Your Pokémon work is great, Delta! It's nice to see them drawn with a different style than Sugimori.
@ JiJi-T: Never seen anything from Avatar besides random screen caps.

@ Jabberwock: Thank you! Sugimori art is very over used. I love seeing unique Pokemon art.

I was thinking Steelix/Ninjask for that fusion but Cloyster/Steelix is way better. Thanks guys!

Sketching some character ideas.

And doodling.
More of the above. Trying to figure out how to make the lines look halfway good.


  • Town Troll
  • Swamp Hydra
  • Sky Tiger
  • Forest Fish
Sent my uncle a JoJo related birthday-rectangle today since we're very close. I hate giving people cards. They're so empty and pointless.



And currently sketching out more FF6.
Sketching more cyberpunk. Good to flesh out a little now and then. Looking at that Toxicroak I could play around with that a lot more. Seeing if there is any other nice-colour-scheme-Pokemon to take advantage of.

Still in progress. I want to stick more stuff in the back put not sure what. Grass shading can be better too. Looks like a cover to something. Hurrah for framing!

Went ahead and made it into a sort of storybook cover. I’ve said before I would love to make a picture book about adventures between these two from meeting to parting. Someone thought that this was a legitimate cover which was quite flattering.

And more Terra art because I love FF6 and can't stop.
Sketching kneeling.
Minor Nudity

Took the sketch and blew it up to around 4000x4000 and started line work. Looks way better. Might just release it on here and use it for paint practice if I can’t make it work with some set pieces.

And a 10 minute tonberry.
The linework is fairly solid but the pose looks a little stuff. I do like drawing the fabric and folds though. Will give out the lines in proper resolution when I’ve cleaned them up and added some more to the skirt.


Full lineart available in a PSD file. That can be found right here (download button on the side). Includes lines and base colours so you don't have to mess around with colouring and can just get right on with shading if you want.

Whenever I actually colour something good I'll share it again. Here are some of my own finished edits [LARGE]



Doodling reference-less Transistor while watching SGDQ.

Sketching out a horn lady. Wanted to do one for a while now.