Art Gallery Delta's Magical Art Factory - Amelia & Yeward

Got sketching today.


Sticker Idea


And some Gulpin paint practice.
Trying to paint fabrics and folds. Still a little rough and jagged but I still don't know how to properly shade folds in block shades so I guess it's a start, heh.

I've been sketching out some ideas to place in my tumblr background since I've been messing around with the theme. Probably coming up with something serious tomorrow. I'm gonna have to if I want to keep this one-piece-a-month thing I've been doing.


Came up with something. Time to get back to things that matter.

Good progress today. Should get this done by the end of the month. Still love the idea but the old position and layout is really jarring now so I resketched and began lining it. I’d honestly be fine with the rough being final. I think it looks better than what the clean will turn out to be. But that’s just me.


The rough on the bird/warrior really does look nice. :p Not going to stop you from finishing it up as much as you'd like to, of course, but the only thing that would really need an update to stop it from looking in-progress would be to remove the face-lines from the human and either add in a sketched face or leave it blank, then you're good to go! :D
Thanks for the suggestion! Added a little scribble and it looks good. Will keep it as an alternate.

Shading looks goooood. Still having trouble finding what to fill in the large spaces though. Have to look into that. Still not 100% on colour scheme. Will come up with something.


The shading did turn out super nice, but I still love the rough version, especially with the replaced face. :3
Thanks Athena!

Should be done by tomorrow. I’ve noticed some things I should have done while sketching to improve composition (move the girl closer to the viewer an the bird to the right for a little more drama) but I can’t change it without reworking a lot of things so I’ll just stick with the fact that I’ve learned something and keep working. The background was pretty much made with having the center as the focus.

I should probably...not lie and say things will be done at a certain time. Only real trouble I'm having here is shading the ground and making it look halfway decent. It doesn't need much more time but I'll stop saying things either way.

I generally prefer setting a deadline for myself and breaking it than not setting one at all, but to each their own. :p
Oh, I didn't even update the thread before I left.

Here's the finished. Kinda rushed this out. Could spend a little more refining the smaller things but I don't think there is enough detail in the designs to justify it. Something to take from it. Hope to do more of these two, Amelia and Yeward. Next one will hopefully show more of Amelia and with more of an effort.

And as I said I got to work on expanding Amelia's design a little more.

Started off with a bust.

And went on from there.


I'll see if I can put the bird in there without forcing him in... her ear looks a bit off now that I look at it.
Yeward looks pretty good here. Pretty much to scale too. I'll be working on lines tomorrow and they might (might) be done. Also actual canvas size is like 2200x1800 so plenty of room for painting.


Most (most) lines done. Gonna look through my inspiration folder see if I can come up with a background. I still want to make the focus on these two so, annoyingly, I can’t make the background too grand or the canvas too tall. I think I can frame them with an idea I have for the foreground but depends how well it turns out.

Been catching up on a lot of manga so didn’t get as far as I’d have thought today. Made general lines look better, still got to finish the feet. I might change the canvas around so that these two are in the top half rather than the bottom in relation to my background idea. We'll see how that works out.

Background sketch done! Hard shades done! The ending is closing in!

God this is taking forever. It’s like a week now? Well the ending is in sight. Painting will start real soon.

Pushed myself a little to get this done tonight. Another big piece with Amelia and Yeward. I'll probably do one more before I move onto something else for a while but I still really like drawing these two. This took about a week, starting about an hour of doodling at first and ending up spending 6 hours yesterday. I work so slowly. Will review this tomorrow since I'm tired and my back is in pain.

Sketching more Hero Academia. Uraraka Ochako makes things float via zero gravity. I wouldn't mind drawing something with the central characters of that series.