'Blue Impact' / 'Red Flash' Japan's XY8 Sets, Next Set Block Titled 'XY: BREAK!'


Wasn't Lugia enough? And Yveltal-EX?? Do we really need another X Ball, this time buffed??? The card's been revealed for just a couple hours and I'm already tired of it.

At least I have Claydol. If I can get my Claydol deck rolling, somehow, I'll just repeatedly devolve Mewtwo and scrap his Spirit Link.

(Also I wish one of them was Fighting type. I don't even like Mewtwo but would have liked seeing a Fighting card for him.)


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It's still at least three cards to function properly (Mewtwo EX, M Mewtwo-EX Y, and Spirit Link).

It's not splashable, by definition Mega Pokemon really are not designed to be so. However, as it's own deck in Bronzong it might be very very good. Especially with Float Stone back in the format and Rush In Zoroark in the set as well. I'd argue a M Mewtwo/Zoroark Deck is a superior option to Metal Ray.

In this regard, yes, it takes up more space and cards. However, you might think of M Mewtwo Y as capable of having multiple roles in a deck, kind of like how M Manectric can be: While right now, people have chosen to use that card as its 'own deck', many beforehand used it as a supporting role for other lead attackers.

M Mewtwo could be the same way - you could use it as not always the main attacker, but as a backup attacker in case of issues with weakness in your deck. A fairy toolbox doesn't have to have it lead the way, and Bronzong Decks could still focus on using steel attackers as the main strategy. Maybe it could see usage with Night March, Trevenant-Gengar and other strategies, even if it does require a 2-2 line and some spirit links...

But yeah. Lets use Volcarona with it! xD

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M-Mewtwo Y/Sceptile PRC anyone? Or Bronzong...or Fairies...or literally any kind of energy accelerator...

Might not be a Mega-Ray beater, but it'll definitely hold its own.


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Not "we" but "they", think how much money they must of made with everyone getting Mewtwo last time

To be fair, different circumstances.

The NXD Mewtwo came out just before (US Nats?) and was by far best card in the format, if you weren't playing it you would lose to it. They also did not have the three weeks rule when NXD Mewtwo came out.

Now-a-days people have three weeks to obtain copies of a card before they can even begin to use them competitively.

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It's from the Emboar vs. Togekiss-EX deck which we posted about multiple times over the summer.


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That Mewtwo is slightly better, and will almost certainly be the one used in Mewtwo decks following NXD Mewtwo's exit from the format. The second attack will probably never see use, but the first attack has possibilities.

The only thing is that Psychic has no energy acceleration in the current format to my knowledge. Could be pretty powerful in Expanded with Gardevoir NXD. Hitting for 120 with 2 Psychic Energy attached and Gardy in play.

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That second Mewtwo EX is much better than the first and love the M-Mewtwo EX with X-Ball-esque attack. And yes, we're gonna have Gengar again! :D

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I love those Mega Mewtwos. I don't know which of them will be using in the battle and who will be partnering them because of these attacks that were so epic. Especially those spirit link,I love the artwork. It looks they link to each other,and I will wait for Cresselia because this will change the game.I was disappointed for the Mega Mewtwo X because its not a Fighting-type like as expected,but I like them both.

Who draws the Mega Mewtwos and the Mewtwo as well? I'll appreciate them/him/her for the great job.

Finally,Gengar will having its debut in BW card format,as well as Gastly and Haunter,after its EX, and a Gengar BREAK? I was expecting for a Gengar AT.

So you can use the Mega Mewtwo Y spirit link for a Mega Mewtwo X?
The spirit link is for both Mega Mewtwo X and Y.
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We just got a new X Ball in Ancient Origins in form of Aero Ball, but now we're getting a broken version?

I guess its still not a bad thing.


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Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no Gengar BREAK in these sets. (Well at least not in Blue Impact). Gastly is card number 22. Mewtwo EX is card number 25. Logically this would mean Haunter is 23 and Gengar is 24. No room for a Gengar BREAK in there. He could be in Red Flash, but given how perfectly the Gengar line fits into the Blue Impact set list ot's doubtful.


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The '2nd' Mewtwo EX is better only if you run Psychic Energy. Derpy Mewtwo EX will often be paired with Mega Mewtwo Y as it's all colorless you have the option to use it's first attack. While it is a 'bad EX', reducing damage by 30 (especially if it is before weakness is applied) could save it from being KOed while basically reducing the amount of energy needed to KO with M Mewtwo by 1.


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Oh i knew they wouldnt cut Mewtwo's Legacy. I KNEW IT. So much for my mega Tyranitar deck. Or Kyogre. Or anything that brings me joy. -_-


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Mewtwo is immortal at this point. He will never leave the game without being an EX. Mewtwo EX will only be out of TCG for a couple months before he comes back better, faster, stronger, harder. More Than Ever Hour. Our Work Is Never Over


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Oh, I love how ironic this whole deal is: back in Mewtwo NXD's golden age, he made most (if not all) Psychic-type attackers unplayable. Now, with this new format, it's the other Psychic-type attackers who are going to keep Mewtwo in check, since Wobbuffet can set up way easier van him; and even Gallade can OHKO it withouth risking a revenge KO from another Mega. :p


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I think that perhaps my favorite combination for Mewtwo-X would be Landorus and AT Sableye for energy Sableye. A perfect Sableye turn could successfully land 4 energy on Mewtwo. Lower your odds for heads to 1/3 and it still is feasable to attack turn three with mewtwo X via Dimension Valley or Mega Turbo.