'Blue Impact' / 'Red Flash' Japan's XY8 Sets, Next Set Block Titled 'XY: BREAK!'


I'm not liking the trend of weakening EXs have have Megas because that makes them unplayable. So this is the problem Stage 2s face in that the previous stage is so useless you're forced to evolve ASAP. And when you don't, sucks to be you to have horrible draw.

Psycho Drive is much worse than PsyDrive which did the same amount of damage at a lower Energy cost. Now granted you had to discard Energy but it's still faster and not much of a draw back.

The Mega better redeem this card.


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*clears throat*
Welcome, friends, to another edition of... The Pokemon Laboratory Theater!
Today's scene, the development, of... Mewtwo.... EX!

Developer A: [Hey, the Mewtwo Half Deck finally rotated out!]
Developer B: [What's your point?]
Developer A: [We can finally make a balanced version of Mewtwo's Mega evolutions!]
Developer B: [Cool, let's get on that now!]
Corporate: [The last Mewtwo EX was too good! We need to balance out the power level!]
Developer A: [Don't worry, this one will be playable, but not amazing.]
Corporate: *smack* [Do you not understand the meaning of the word "balance!" This one must be unplayable to counter the last good one!]
Developer B: [That's not how balance in the game works...]
Corporate: *smack* [You dare to question me? Not only must it be awful, but the artwork must look ridiculous! Then nobody will want to play it!]
Developer A: [What does artwork have to do with anything?]
Corporate: *smack* [It has already been decided!]

Join us next time on The Pokemon Laboratory Theater.


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I'm afraid I don't see the point to having any new Mewtwo EX's aside fro token slots for the megas (which might not even be good anyway) since the new battle deck that is going to be released later this year guarantees the NXD X ball Mewtwo EX (along with both the promo and Legendary Treasures reprint) will be around in even the XY-on format for years to come, let alone unlimited.

The fact is unless the other Mewtwo EX is better than this one and is unique enough in a good way to separate itself from X ball Mewtwo EX neither of them will see play over the original.

We don't have confirmation that the new Battle Arena Decks will be new set symbols.

I would not count on X-Ball being in XY-on


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The artwork on the Mewtwo-EX kind of looks like someone trying to emulate an [ersatz] Akira Toriyama style. As far at the underwhelming attacks, I think this card's point is probably just going to be to unleash a Mega Mewtwo. All-around, it goes on the frowny face side.


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If we had Shizurow doing this, maybe i'd be a bit less disappointed. But that artwork...Its kinda amusing. and horrid. mostly bad.


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Wow......and these guys are supposed to be experts at what they do , you would think someone at TPCI would have saw this art and demanded a rework but I guess they all just have horrible taste!! This set is becoming extremely lackluster pokemon wise and artwork wise.
Pretty sure the only card I like so far is empoleon lol

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Photon Wave and Psyburn,not bad for Mewtwo. That art reminds me of Groudon-EX of PCL.

If Two Mewtwo-EX in a Break Through set,is it possible for 2 FA's?


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But which Mewto EX will be the FA in the Japanese sets?
Or is it that they just get rid of 1 FA in the English version.


Honestly, as someone who's really tired of seeing Mewtwo, I'm glad he has an unplayable card.

But unfortunately there's three more Mewtwo's in this set...


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Compared to regular mewtwo ltr the attack costs are the same and they get minor eff boosts or eff elimination.


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Someone said that PLANETA is waaay better than Eske Yoshinob...


It was me. Mostly because of this:

Absol EX, Giratina EX (AO), Rayquaza EX (Dragon, RSK) and Krookodile EX to name a few that look better than Eske Yoshinob. All artists release something that looks "ugly". The upcoming Emboar EX is illustrated by Eske Yoshinob and it looks ugly. Zapdos EX also looks pretty bland.

I mean, he did such an awesome job in the last set (Kyurem-EX and specially Giratina-EX - I even put it on my avatar as you can see)... but yes, I admit, this is u.a.f.! (Although, IMO, Mewtwo was always a bit ugly).
Either this was an occasional miss that happens to every artist, or maybe we'll have to see more Planeta cards in the future to see if he's actually a consistent good artist...

Anyway, in regards to playability... This is a recent trend. EXs with megas have been quite bad lately, because they want us to use the Megas... Psyburn doing 120 for [P][P][C][C] is freakin' annoying...


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So I want to clarify this for people, yes the art for Mewtwo EX is a bit odd, but PLANETA is an art studio with multiple artists, each card done by a different one specifically but they all pitch in one way or another. So PLANETA has always had a decent mix of awesome and lackluster artwork, and substantially more positive reviews than Yoshinob, but I digress.

While Mewtwo doesn't typically get shown to be physically orientated, the fact that this Mewtwo is the set up for the physical bruiser M-Mewtwo X makes sense. It is portraying what this Mewtwo wants to be in the future. Perspective wise, having Mewtwo's head be down with its mouth open is definitely a side of Mewtwo that we are not used to seeing, but nothing is proportionally wrong with it, its just awkward. It could be worse, it could have been Machamp EX broke sausage fingers.