'Blue Impact' / 'Red Flash' Japan's XY8 Sets, Next Set Block Titled 'XY: BREAK!'


Mewtwo is immortal at this point. He will never leave the game without being an EX. Mewtwo EX will only be out of TCG for a couple months before he comes back better, faster, stronger, harder. More Than Ever Hour. Our Work Is Never Over
Oh, I love how ironic this whole deal is: back in Mewtwo NXD's golden age, he made most (if not all) Psychic-type attackers unplayable. Now, with this new format, it's the other Psychic-type attackers who are going to keep Mewtwo in check, since Wobbuffet can set up way easier van him; and even Gallade can OHKO it withouth risking a revenge KO from another Mega. :p
I think that perhaps my favorite combination for Mewtwo-X would be Landorus and AT Sableye for energy Sableye. A perfect Sableye turn could successfully land 4 energy on Mewtwo. Lower your odds for heads to 1/3 and it still is feasable to attack turn three with mewtwo X via Dimension Valley or Mega Turbo.
^^ People also forget about M Gengar. Phantom Gate would be able to OHKO either of them, and be way easier to set up than M Mewtwo X.
Ahhh thank goodness the didn't botch the art on these 3 lol guess they had to have one bad seed out of 4 mewtwos. Pumped to see cressalia back in the tcg also.
Not too mention there is a possibility for gengar to be in the set!!
Now we just need to know which pokemon will get the other mega in red flash.
Whew , not regretting pre ordering 10 boxes of each set anymore hahaha
This Mewtwo-EX is much better (both in playability and artwork). It looks better than the other one, yet was also done by Planeta. So, as someone also said a few posts ago, the other one looks weird mostly because it is supposed to match Mega Mewtwo X, so it was made in a way to depict a physical role.
So, all in all, I stand by my claim that Planeta does much better artwork than Yoshinob.

Who draws the Mega Mewtwos and the Mewtwo as well? I'll appreciate them/him/her for the great job.

The Megas are always drawn by 5ban Graphics, which was the team that people used to complain so much about, yet they've been doing a great job with the Megas (and other cards, but specially the Megas), as I've said before...
Wasn't Lugia enough? And Yveltal-EX?? Do we really need another X Ball, this time buffed??? The card's been revealed for just a couple hours and I'm already tired of it.

At least I have Claydol. If I can get my Claydol deck rolling, somehow, I'll just repeatedly devolve Mewtwo and scrap his Spirit Link.

(Also I wish one of them was Fighting type. I don't even like Mewtwo but would have liked seeing a Fighting card for him.)

Hey, it's a whole different metagame, and we've come far from the days of Mewtwo or Bust.
Hey look! It's Base Set Gastly (almost)!

Also, Mewtwo X is now the only non-Dragon type Mega card to have two different colored energy in its atrack cost.
Yes, you can. In fact, they're not differentiated.
Just saw it again, didn't know it was the same card (I only saw the right hand side sticking out before).
Interesting. Would function a little like the Eeveelutions deck back in those days - choose the Mega based on circumstance.
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I made a Claydol deck too @Purrloin I use 4 Deoxys for some turn 1 draw as well as some damage if you start attacking. Then of course the 4-4 Claydol line, w/ 2 mega phone for the mega thing, to make it ex yet again. lol
It looks like Cresselia has no effect with its attack

[P][C][C] (Name???) 70

Now i hope for a cool ability
i like the art as well
There is something there but its very short. I would probably say it is a status condition probably asleep.

Really? I didn't saw that then, i am gonna check again.

Wait a second xD
On 0:22 he already has a M rayquaza with 5 Energy attached to it for a second xD

Yeah, you are right!
mega sceptile mega mewtwoY deck confirmed? I dunno, but it certainly is a possibility...
mega sceptile mega mewtwoY deck confirmed? I dunno, but it certainly is a possibility...

I'm never sure about Double Mega decks, purely because of Spirit Links. It makes an effectively stage 1 Pokemon that up the space of a stage 2 Pokemon and two Stage 2's in a deck have historically been inconsistent at best.

Not saying it's not possible, it's just gonna be quite an inconsistent deck.
Mewtwo just won't go away. He's here to dominate the meta forever with his obnoxiously strong X Ball style moves. Only this time you can literally spam Mewtwo with DCE and Turbo Ethers to quickly power him up to obnoxious levels.