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Certin age?

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I was wondering what all of you thought. Do you think that there is a certin age where you should not like pokemon anymore? I go to target to buy my pokemon cards and lots of people give me crazy looks...even the person checking me out. "i am a freshman in highschool so i have to keep it a secret." Well, i don't know if i should keep buying cards or just...stop? lmk Thanks!

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Why should you stop? Don't let people do that. They are just not respectful. Anyone can like pokemon. I know so many people who like pokemon way older that 10. Accually most people are older that 10 who like pokemon.

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10 is not too old, no matter what people say!!! If only, people 10 and under liked Pokemon, would anyone be running POP, a video game tournament, or anything else?! No! In fact, I have many friends (All older than 10.) that play Pokemon Diamond. So, it doesn't matter what people think about that. Just say, "Deal with it!"


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Man, don't feel embarrassed to buy Pokemon cards. I've gone up to the checkout with over $100 in Pokemon stuff and only that. Know how many funny looks I got? None. Not one. Know why? Cause it ain't their business. They don't know why I'm buying so much stuff. They have no clue it's for me. Their job is to sell it to me and put it in a bag for easy carry-out. If they want to tell people how some guy bought $100 worth of Pokemon cards, they aren't going to give you trouble to your face. They can get fired for that. If they do give you trouble for it, tell their manager, they'll sing a different tune I guarantee it. Who knows, you might get some free stuff out of it. So don't be ashamed. Buy your cards and be proud. Or at the very least, don't be ashamed.

I'm 21 years old and am a die-hard Pokemon fan. I'm never going to stop playing, either cards, or games, or whatever new game they might release down the road.

Age ain't nothing but a number. Keep that in mind. Pokemon isn't just for kids. There's a reason it's rated E for everyone, not E for kids under 12, or whatever. Everyone can enjoy Pokemon. The anime gives Pokemon a bad rap. Why play with stuff like Pikachu and Buneary when you can have mega monsters like green ears black whatever? Digimon has huge giant monsters too, that is obviously way cooler than Pickachoo. :/

Most Pokemon fans will agree that the anime is trash. It could be so much better. But I digress.

To summarize, don't think you have to hate Pokemon just because you're getting older. If your love for Pokemon does start to fade, it'll happen in due time.


PMJ made a very well written statement. There is never a limit to Pokemon, and it's what you think YOU should do, not those people. Who cares, let them make fun of you and say, I get money, free trips, and cards in doing something I like. Do you get anything in your favorite hobbies?


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I don't think that you would ever have to publically announce that you play pokemon cards. I know that it would ruin my reputation if everyone knew that I played. I don't really care.

If people ever thought that you should stop playing at 10 years old, POP wouldn't have 2 (2!!!!) divisions for people over 10. Take a look at worlds 2006. The ages ranged from 6 to 60! Really! It just proves that there is no age limit to pokemon..


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Oh, yeah... the game's only for for 10 yrs old and under! That's why they have a masters division...

Ok, following everybody's statements, Pokemon is for all ages. If it weren't, then 1/3 of the members here wouldn't be 20+ years old. Really, some of the time, only adults can understand Pokemon. If you'd notice, the masters are pretty experienced with Stratagy, Math, and Comprehension, from experience.

In conclusion, really, adults love the games just as much as Children. And understand it just as much. I mean really, if the game was for 10-, then we wouldn't have a masters division, and the game wouldn't sell as much :D


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Why would anyone even entertain such a thought? Pokemon is a family-friendly franchise, with lessons that people of all ages can draw from. Children can learn about friendship, teamwork, and fair play, wile older folks can learn strategy, tactics, and how to make the most of limited resources.


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the only funny looks i ever got while buying pokemon stuff was at Pokemon Center in NY...i bought some plush dolls (a munchlax and a togepi) and this lady gave me a look of (aren´t you supposed to be at work?)...lol.

i´m 24... and i´m loving pokemon more than ever... when i used to play TCG nobody gave me any funny look because i was friends with the girls who worked there...(sometimes they even gave me packs as gifts...nice)...so...too old for pokemon? only when i die.


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you may feel embarrased about liking pokemon at whatever age but in my school(about 600 students) there are between 50 and sixty players i know of.


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I used to feel weird when people found out that I play Pokemon but, hey, I like it and it keeps me busy. Pokemon is a hobby (just like sports, etc.) so if someone puts you down about just tell them it's what you enjoy.


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So you can suddenly turn off your feelings the moment you turn 10? No way. You can never be too old. Pokemon helped me through some tough problems in my life and I am 19. If pokemon makes me happy then I am not going to stop because a few people are narrow minded. If somebody thinks older pokemon fans are freaks then it is actually them who are the freaks because if they were in any way mature then they would accept your choice. I get a buzz from trading cards and stuff, no matter how old the other person is. I am, by far, not one of the oldest pokemon players. Some are married and have kids.

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Anyone older than 8 should busy with either school or some stupid way-too-popular sport, not with Pokeymanz.

I don't get why people ask these sort of things when they know most of the community here is older than 10, we don't live in an alternative dimension where Pokémon is generally accepted as an official sport and stuff. No, we face the same problems, we just know that we should not stop with whatever makes you feel good because some people are too narrow-minded and self-centered to accept the fact that there are other things in life than silly every-day sports or other silly every-day activities.


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Well, what more is there to be said... everyone has already gone over the points I would address myself, so I'm not going to bother putting too much depth into this. One thing I will say though is that my mum still plays these things regularily, and my local market stall trader is about as far into this as you can get (well, for a non-player at least). These people are over 40, and yet they still share the same enthusiasum as we all do (including me).

Basically, don't feel that you have to hide anything. If this is what you want to do, this is what you'll do, no matter what anybody else thinks. But, this has already been said about 5 times now, so that's all I have to offer.

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If Pokémon was for 10+, nobody would really advance in the video game cause they're to stupid for strategy and TCG Tournaments would be gigantic chaos because nobody would really know the rules.

Anyway, people who never liked it before will never like it just as my father. He always laughs at me because the cover of the videos says '3+' in huge letters. So I let my father play it (Pearl) by himself but he quitted already before he actually started (he was bored by Rowan's introduction). He'll never understand me. :(


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your not to too old at 10.If nything 10 and under is too young.


dont be embarssed because its not "cool" to people with no interest in pokemon. thats there opinion, not yours. be yourself and ignore all those mean comments on pokemon. dont hide it, justshow people what you like, sometimes good things can happen =].
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