News 20th Anniversary Set in September + Surfing Pikachu and M Slowbro-EX!

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  1. Welcome back Drifblim Raticate - very pleased they actually made that card good.
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  2. Chrswrites Aspiring Trainer


  3. BrandonHappened Ghosts and Fairies are kinda my jam


    I'm not into this set, like, at all.
    Most of the "reprints" have changed way too much.
    At least my favourite Gengar's back.
  4. TheRealBro..


    Nice, I actually thought this whas a joke but now I see it's not. Unexpected Secret Rares, but pretty interesting especially the Exeggutor! Can't wait for the artworks (have not seen them yet)
  5. Nyora A Cat


    The only reason I would even go to a prerelease for this is cos of the Clefairy. This set is OK other than that.
  6. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
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  7. MasterGallade @Mithrarin on Twitter


    If Imakuni's Doduo, Ooyama's Exeggutor and Here Comes Team Rocket don't make it into the English set then I will scream
  8. Highlight cards IMO:

    Beedrill: 160 snipe with Forest of Giant Plants sounds really good. It's a bit shy of that key 180 though without many ways of boosting it's damage output. It can't really use Bats considering how limited it's bench space will be though.

    Starmie: That ability seems interesting enough that someone is bound to try it. Seems like it'd have a lot of potential with Night March or Vespiquen if they were still around/relevant.

    Dragonite-EX: In theory, he sounds really good for M Gardevoir and helps with the constant reuse of Hoopa/Shaymin. You could use Super Rod/Karen to keep bringing them back.

    Ratatta: Useless against Garbodor, but could be really nice against any Mega deck that doesn't run Garbodor (M Gardevoir, M Mewtwo and maybe M Rayquaza).

    Devolution Spray: I love the sound of this and Golbat.

    Brock's Guts: Excellent card for M Gardevoir.
  9. PikaMasterJesi Relic from the Past


    Wow. They printed Imakuni's Doduo. Please get an English print so that I can throw cards at people with actual reason!
  10. Outsidevil Aspiring Trainer


    biggest card this set
    Revive-Chain Klefkli, Chain Unknown, Mew synergy etc

    Discard Volcanians and revive them

    Possibilties are endless
  11. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    It would have bees best if they didnt exclude the missing line.. a dragonair rare.. it have one of the best design in that era.. still seems unfair to exclude the other 2 starter
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  12. StriatonIsMagic I'll Never Forget This Day


    Finally! I can get the Generations promos without getting the $25 dollar "here's some holos and no EXs" Generations boxes! Woo! Unless you can't get standard Evolutions packs and can only get them in the collection boxes...
  13. 丅ᗴᗰᑭᗴᔕ丅 ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。


    Imakuni's Doduo...that artwork is hilarious.
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  14. Metalizard Aspiring Trainer


    It seems to me the only really improved cards that might have some use are the ones that evolve into the BREAK Pokémon (Ninetales, Starmie, Nidoking, Machamp) plus a few other Fully-evolved pokémon like Raichu, Raticate (maybe Charizard too). The rest is really underwhelming.

    It also puzzles me that, with Arcanine being in the set, why isn't the Arcanine BREAK promo included in the English set? And don't tell me it's because there's already a Fire BREAK (Ninetales) in it, they didn't have any problem with Talonflame and Pyroar in Steam Siege...
  15. MegaCentral Aspiring Trainer


    Ninetales break and Volcanion, maybe the ninetales from primal clash, might be a good budget deck
  16. StriatonIsMagic I'll Never Forget This Day


    Well, Japan always gets the good cards. Sadly.
  17. sagen888 Shine on You Crazy Diamond


    So are “Here Comes Team Rocket!”, Imakuni’s Doduo, and Exeggutor technically not secret rares because they say "U" rarity?
  18. RiverShock Aspiring Trainer


    I doubt we'll get Imakuni's Doduo. We've never gotten a card that outright states it's unusable. (Maybe excepting some Jumbos, I forget, but that's kinda irrelevant.)

    Here Comes Team Rocket! we'll get, it's not the first time it's been inserted as a Secret Rare, and it's less out there than Imakuni, which we got in Generations.

    Exeggutor, who knows. I could see them actually doing it personally.
  19. thegrovylekid Makes fake cards


    This set is beyond horrible :/

    Very, Very few playable cards. Only Brock's Guts, Starmie, and Dragonite-EX, and Mewtwo are useable, and everything else ranges from gimmicky to bad.

    - Beedrill is cute in theory but getting 4 of these out at a time is going to be next to impossible, even with turbo trainers, especially since it takes more than 1 turn to power up.

    - Combustion Blast Charizard is nice, but in Fire decks it's mostly worse than Volcanion and Flareon-EX anyways. The rest of the Charizard cards are almost completely useless, taking too much setup for a middling reward.

    - There's no reason to use M Blastoise-EX over Primal Kyogre-EX when the latter has unblockable self-acceleration and a more damaging attack.

    - Why is Staryu's attack called "Lightning-quick punch"? I doesn't have hands! (This is more funny than serious)

    - Electrode is exclusive to Lightning decks. I'd rather use Magnezone over it because you don't give up a prize and the ability is more than once-per-Electrode, which makes it much more useful in the long run than blowing yourself up once.

    - Zapdos takes way too much setup to be practical. I'd rather do 3 for 150 and discard all of them with Pikachu-EX than 4 for 170 and discard all of them with Zapdos.

    - Seriously? They print Nidoking /again/ but not Nidoqueen? We have a Nidoking that requires Nidoqueen in Steam Siege, but they still refuse to print a Nidoqueen? And if you really want to poison, use Dragalge BKP. Less deck space and less time for more reward.

    - Haunter, Drowzee, and Koffing but not Gengar, Hypno, and Weezing. They could've printed us Venusaur and Blastoise lines to match the Charizard line, but no, they'd rather give us useless NFEs.

    - Just use Shatter Shot Mewtwo-EX. Heck, even Photon Wave could give this a run for its money.'

    - Mew would work if it had a good attack or free retreat, but even then it's really weak to Hex Maniac because of the low HP.

    - No Sandslash, so this basic, Ken Sugimori-art Sandshrew is useless and could have been cut to give us more Venusaur or Blastoise to keep up with this oh-so-exalted Charizard.

    - Having to put 3 Coloured Energy on an effective Stage 3 with no acceleration means that Machamp BREAK is worse than Zygarde-EX every single time.

    - No Steelix, but Steelix did debut in a later gen so I guess it makes sense. Doesn't mean I like it though.

    - No Clefable. I guess they needed a Fairy Type, but if they wanted one they should have cut something else for Clefable, not just throw in Clefairy and hope we forget about it! Metronome would have been a little bit useful if it costed a DCE, but they thought of that, too.

    - Pidgeot-EX is like a less threatening Darkrai-EX or M Audino-EX, and M Pidgeot-EX... does damage, I guess? Too much setup, not enough reward.

    - Rattata and Raticate are interesting, but Rattata only discards off the active and is shut off by Garbodor, meaning it fails as a form of tool removal. Raticate could work, but with Special Charge roaming around and most decks running Basic Energy these days, it came a bit too late to have any real use.

    - No Dodrio. For all the Evolving basics that were printed without their evolutions (Excluding Onix, Chansey, Tangela, and Porygon), we could have fit in the full Stage 2 Venusaur, Blastoise, and Nidoqueen lines, and still have an additional space left over.

    - All the Trainer cards save for PokéDex and Super Potion were in the format already and see next to no play. PokéDex doesn't rearrange enough cards for Max Elixir and is only 1 more than trainers mail, and Super Potion is inferior to max potion for the most part. Spirit Links are only as good as the megas you can play them to, and none of these are particularly good except maybe Venusaur.

    - Misty's Determination is still useless.

    So yeah, that's my thoughts on the set. Too much Charizard, Too many unfinished evolution lines, and very few of the cards are even playable, let alone good.
  20. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    @thegrovylekid, use Zapdos with Magnezone. You got plenty of recovery cards and it doesn't give up 2 prizes. it also has no weakness. As for Pidgeot being a less threatning Darkrai or Audino EX. Okay, I'll let you think that.;)
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