(1) Gamefreak Teases a Game Collaboration [7/18]


Interesting. The general shape of the figure cloaked in the white gradient effect is a very horse-like figure.



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I'm honestly thinking it is not part of Pokemon.

But I wouldn't throw the possibility of a spin-off game crossing over with Pokemon out of the question either.


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Nintendo's been getting pretty crafty lately. They're supposed to be launching a new franchise in the near future, but since this is supposedly a "classic", I doubt it has anything to do with that.

The horse/donkey/whatever shape seems vaguely familiar, but I don't know why.


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Looks like Pokemon Animal farm or another Pokemon Ranch game for Wii U.:)


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It could be HarmoKnight, that game did throw a lot of hints that there would be a sequel when you beat the game 100%. But it could be some donkey, mare, or mule Pokemon... but why would they not mention Pokemon especially when Pokemon is booming all over with the new games coming out in October if it is a Pokemon related topic? And... Which company made Harvest Moon? I'll look it up... ... ... Look at that... Gamefreak's not involved with Harvest Moon... But it's still Nintendo... But is a Ponygon shaped creature the symbol for Harvest Moon?


Does it have anything to do with the 'biggest scoop of the century' next month?


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When I first saw the silhouette before reading the details, my first reaction was, "FINALLY! A Tauros and Miltank preform connection!"


Yeah... I don't entirely see it as being Pokemon related though, as much as I'd like it to be. I also don't see Pokemon happening because of the last collaboration they did, Pokemon Conquest. I know a lot of people that didn't like it.

I honestly cant think of anything that comes to mind though that could be used for this. I looked up a list of Game Freak games and nothing really fits this design except maybe Pokemon and Harmoknight, and Harmoknight isnt classic. I see that they do some Mario games too though... so maybe that? We also have to consider that the design could be from the game they're collabing with, and those possibilities are endless.


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MaruuKenomenshi said:
Gamefreak's not involved with Harvest Moon... But it's still Nintendo... But is a Ponygon shaped creature the symbol for Harvest Moon?

Natsume is the developer for Harvest Moon. Seeing as it's a "collaboration" it doesn't really matter that they aren't previously involved in that series or not.

Is it a... grunty?

That would be awesome.


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It's Game Freak's take on Solitaire. The site mentions ソリティ馬 which can be loosely translated. May or may not be Pocket Monsters themed.


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I hope I'm not the only one who saw this post and started immediately thinking about Pokémon crossovers with some of their other favourite games...

Since it's a collaboration, though, it could be any of GF's properties combined with, well, any other game. So many options, only time will tell.

That said, I'm still going to be sitting over here in my corner with my fingers crossed hoping against hope for a Pokémon Phoenix Wright crossover, or something else awesomely ridiculous. >_>


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I know it wont be this...but I always thought a Pokemon/World of Warcraft crossover would be ace. I never played WoW myself, but when I've seen it, I've always thought how good it would be for them to have a pokemon version of it.