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  • 593462, Lol, wassup random #, XP
    But seriously, what a the meaning of 593462?
    593462, Now that I look at it, probably just the ones in Virginia Beach and Richmond. (Lives in Hampton) Everything else looks way too far for right now, since nobody is willing to take me an inch further. (I'm just a teen with no ride. And I'll probably have to pay for gas.)
    593462, I actually haven't gone to a single BR yet. Only about a year ago I started playing. About a few months ago, I tried playing more competitively. I'm planning to try to go to BRs sooner or later. Preferably this autumn.
    593462, eventually you will run out of switch though. Most decks don't run any, or run 2 max. And gothitelle has a blaring weakness to garbodour and mewtwo ex. So darkrai ex is a decent option for free retreat if Emolga or accelgor are KO'd. And with darkrai, you can manage multiple prizes at once vs one or two at a time with gothitelle
    Yeah, he said he was a brick - thus he is a lethal weapon.

    I dunno why he's a brick, but I'm totally cool with it.
    593462, by definition, contributors are "members who help improve PokeBeach by applying their knowledge and expertise to existing problems or projects". They mostly focus on areas of the forum that need work or staff projects.
    593462, http://www.pokebeach.com/forums/thread-community-contributors-group?highlight=Contributor
    I've been looking for more people to test bw --> dragons with. You can send me a PM whenever you see me on and I'd be willing to play if you are.
    Yeah. I'm going to Warrenton and Fairfax in VA, Newark DE, Rockville and Leonardtown MD, and maybe another one in VA if i can get a ride. You?
    Santa Clara, a town you've never heard of. In April Regionals were in my hometown which was AWESOME but looks like not this year. I already know what i'm playing. If you want i'll give you my list of proxies and we can play BW-on.
    yeah you owned me with kyurem. right now i'm actually playing klinklang ex but not because you beat me with it.
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