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  • Hey Professorlight! I thought you may be interested in The Challenge 6, which is currently being hosted by Celever and myself, since you played in C5. We're still looking for sign ups to start the game, so you playing would be awesome! Link
    That is, unfortunately, an answer I'm not really qualified to give, seeing how minimal my own experience here has been (I've played in a total of two games and read along (without playing) one other). For what it's worth, it's not something I agree with either, but I don't feel it's my place to judge. When I run my game in a few months, I hope to mitigate that as much as possible, but I guess we'll see how well that actually works when the time comes. :p
    I was actually in the process of making a reply yo your post when you posted. :p Since I have no problems being civil, feel free to reply to me if/as you wish, either in thread or elsewhere, though I do have a feeling that we're just going to have to agree to disagree on some points.
    Agreed. The picture + blank makes it my favourite card by appearance in last month's contest!
    professorlight, I don't know why. Werewolf's been going on here for over like 6 years and no one ever has.

    Then again, no one likes changing the format here at all.

    ...except for moi.
    Of course you can be my lovely assistant for the electric boogaloo. Though let's not get too excited. We don't even know if I'll be hosting the 6th season.
    You really think Samus' portrayal in Other M has its good parts?
    They gave Samus feelings, yes, but don't these feelings kinda contradict the old Samus? You have an independent, emotionless killing machine which suddenly turns into an unsafe little girl who tries to impress her old commander, despite the fact that she left the army because of arguments with him.
    It's not that female characters in other games don't have feelings after all. In fact, sometimes they're way too focused in feelings (apart from bosoms, of course). Samus simply didn't really fit the idea of the typical female video game character... at least until she began to show up in Zero Suit more than in Power Suit.
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