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  • professorlight, Haha I'm not eager for summer to be over, but I'm am looking forward to X&Y. :3 What version do you think you'll get?
    professorlight, *sigh* work. End of the month is always crazy. I think I'll do my reports out on the porch it's such a nice day. How are you doing?
    professorlight, I'll send you some pictures I found of it. :D They're crazy.
    professorlight, I agree! The first two styles are gorgeous.
    And, it should be.
    professorlight, That's awesome. ^^ What kind of architecture do you like designing most?
    professorlight, 3D glasses ^^ What made you want to be an architect?
    professorlight, Get well soon. :< I'm pretty good. We've had a 3D projector for a couple months (been watching movies and playing video games on a white wall) but we're finally getting off our butts and building the screen. It's pretty exciting. ^^ Other than that just browsing the internet, reading my newest stack of comics, and doing some stuff for my job. What degree are you going for?
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