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  • Sorry. I forgot you had wanted to help with the Werewolf game.

    If it's any consolation, I think the idea PMJ and I came up with will make you super proud.
    professorlight, It's rather pointless... last WW game I played if I had a safe claim I'd probably have won three days ahead of time. I was suspected due to someone having a list of names, including mine, and I messed up something when writing the role causing even more suspicion. I guided the last member of scum to victory, but still, a safe claim would have made the whole thing too easy (not to mention how the rest of my team messed up and exposed one another due to bad claims). It's just not as fun or rewarding for me.
    professorlight, One idea I had was scrapping teams and see how solely individuals form.

    Really it just depends on whatever is currently being discussed in my sociology class. :p
    professorlight, These guys don't realize what all they missed out on.

    The Chillax Zone as a thread was seriously the best thing to ever happen to PB.
    professorlight, But I don't want to be an elf!

    Though honestly I can totally agree with what you guys concluded with. It's actually fairly hard to argue against.
    professorlight, I've been here for almost six years and this place has changed so much in the past year compared to any other year.
    professorlight, That was largely the reason why I left for like 4 months. It was kinda insulting but whatever. Seeing that my GPA increased by half a point as a result of all the free time I had, I guess I should be thankful. Kinda...

    Nothing on Werewolf either. I wish there was more transparency in forum games queues (or at least, give everyone who applies a spot so they don't have to apply like 5 times).
    professorlight, I'm stuck in college for another 4 years. >_> It feels like I'm never getting out.

    I applied to host Challenge 6 but I don't think they wanted me to host it considering that a month after I applied, they had stated that they hadn't received any applications. Oh well.
    professorlight, Yeah. And that is why I love it. Probably my favorite game of all time.

    Maybe you can help me answer one of the greatest mysteries of our time.

    Does floor ice cream really give you health?
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