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    Before too long, we'll have Scorching of Feathers, Wolves of Wandering, and Prince of Dedenne. :p
    professorlight, yeah, I had to because work was getting stressful, and i'm in the process of enlisting in the service.
    things have finally slowed down now, so it's okay
    Sounds like it can be a great experience.. Maybe someday I'll get to play it like that and feel the same. For now I'll just stay away. :p
    There is a chance I was not being honest about who Porygon was, though. That I don't like lying (which is why I don't plan on playing it again) doesn't mean that I didn't do it for the game. I signed up so I do think it's my duty to play as good as I can, even if I don't like my role and what it makes me do.. If that makes any sense. XD Besides the not liking lying part I also don't like to insult/accuse/go terminator on others, even if it's obvious what their role is.
    That's true. I suppose it's all part of the game, though. It's just not the kind of game for me. >_> I'm generally not a fan of lying and I'm terrible at it. I feel bad about accusing others of it too, even if it's only in a game and that's what we're supposed to do. I guess I find it hard to separate the person from the game at times. I also agree with your points in many cases. PMJ told me he got lynched as a seer once, because people thought it was scummy he voted first. He was the seer.. >.> My death didn't help the town, but didn't hurt them either. They could have lynched me at any time. They knew I was no threat until the actual killer died, so I probably wouldn't have wasted a lynch day until the sk died.
    Haha. xD It makes sense, since the mafia wouldn't want people to dislike/lynch them.
    Haha. xD I knew beforehand I wouldn't be good at playing the game. I think a town role would fit me much better. >_> Yea it was a stupid mistake; I got confused, because it said Porygon was a "member", by the two roles in there, and I also thought indies never worked together. :p It was only my second game, though, and the last one was very different (and I had a town role). I don't think I'll try WW again anytime soon on the forums.
    The reason he removed it was because we don't want to be responsible for people getting ideas from such posts, so I agree with that decision of his. It could have bad consequences if people with study problems read about doing things like that and decide to try it themselves.
    professorlight said:
    In short, You want a study tip? Read your god damn books and stay the f*** away from the medicine cabinet.
    I completely agree with that.
    It just strikes me as odd that the show has such a huge fan base.

    Not being able to tell the gender... Is a good thing? I only though she wasnt a boy because of the eyelashes (and the fact that only one guy in the group seems awkward [dat dragon tho]).
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