May 25, 2013
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Ice Queen, Female


    1. Professor Palutena
      Professor Palutena
      [b]professorlight[/b], Kill them all. No survivors.
    2. Keeper of Night
      Keeper of Night
      Aww, come on. Just move up into me.
      Then I won't have I focus on the challenge for a while and will have enough free time to present some stuff in the Gen 7 thread. :>
    3. Professor Palutena
      Professor Palutena
      Come play the challenge with me!
    4. Celever
      [b]professorlight[/b], but why don't you get warnings for it? I got one for saying shit...
    5. Celever
      [b]professorlight[/b], you said "crazy s***"
    6. Celever
      You swore in broken telephone, js.
    7. WanderingWolf
      'Okay, james, your flawless logic convinced us.'

      As always.
    8. Keeper of Night
      Keeper of Night
      The whole "Tea, tea, look at me I'm a pink pony who loves tea... Tea..." Thing threw me off.
      Tea sounds an [i]awful[/i] lot like three.
    9. Keeper of Night
      Keeper of Night
      Are you trying to get me to choose the third door?
    10. Keeper of Night
      Keeper of Night
      Haven't heard from Andrea on the elephant. I plan on doing the mega this weekend, and the chameleon next (with the clock in the middle somewhere).
      Fine. Me.
    11. Keeper of Night
      Keeper of Night
      Or we could skip that and make an airplane pokemon
    12. Keeper of Night
      Keeper of Night
      But I want to make the face in such a way that it could learn moves like Defog or Whirlwind by spinning the hands.
      Because that would be awesome.
    13. Keeper of Night
      Keeper of Night
      No, its a ghost. That's even worse.

      Can we make it a grandfather clock with a ghostly hand clutching the pendulum? It also uses it to grab people and trap them 'in time' so to speak. :P
    14. Keeper of Night
      Keeper of Night
      No promises.
      I've been trying to draw up the mega, but its just not coming to me.
    15. Keeper of Night
      Keeper of Night
      Well, I don't know about Italy, but I know she wants to visit Israel one day...
      /form idea
    16. Keeper of Night
      Keeper of Night
      If, in time, she decides to be with someone else, I'll revert back to Plan A.
      I hear Rome is lovely this time of year.
    17. Keeper of Night
      Keeper of Night
      Am I? Oh dear.
      At least I know she doesn't [i]not[/i] like me. ...That's gotta be a start.
    18. Keeper of Night
      Keeper of Night
      As much trouble as I got in, I felt worlds better after that.
      The hard part is, I never planned on getting on having a relationship with anybody. I was going to travel the world, see the sights, never have to worry about anyone but myself (just the way I like it).
      And I've even tried forgetting her, so it's not my choice. But when my heart feels like a church bell just by seeing her... That kind of feeling can't be ignored.
      I used to be a stalker, and it bothered me. Now I make the effort to talk more, but I'm so awkward when talking to people (and so is she, so thats just terrible).
    19. Keeper of Night
      Keeper of Night
      Nope, she's still single.
      But she is homeschooled, and doesn't have anyone going after her where she lives. The problem is, we go to the same camp as each other every year, and its kind of a private church camp sort of thing. There's more then one guy there with eyes on her.
      Got in a fight last year with one such guy last year. He thought it smart to 'hit' on her in the middle of our conversation.
      [s]I hope he likes his new nose.[/s]
    20. Keeper of Night
      Keeper of Night
      We were never really together, as much as I wish otherwise.
      The irony that I fell for her [I]after[/I] my family moved.
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