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  • Has anyone come across this also? And does anyone know what part of Bismuth is an obscenity? I know it doesn't involve the h, but it does involve the t, as I deleted letters one by one to figure out what the problem was.
    HypnoticChairman, you should watch The All Stars Season (Number 5). It just came out, so there would be a lot of reruns on ABC, Cartoon Network (if you have access) or even just on the internet :p.

    Although, you may be slightly confused with characters and relationships (About 14 new characters have been released since TDI, and about 8 more are going to be released this season).
    As you can see, I very much like the show :3
    I am not offended, and no I don't celebrate Kwanzaa. I have no idea if most blacks do (by the way, "African American" is a terrible term, it should really be abolished). I also know nothing about it and wish you luck in your search.
    HypnoticChairman, the best part of AA5 are the breakdowns, and all the facial expressions they can do in 3D.

    go play it
    HypnoticChairman, I don't have fun playing the game anymore. It's too boring and there's no love in the games anymore. They're too busy catering to little children to really care about producing good-quality games. The same thing applies to the TCG.

    I definitely love hanging around with the people, but the game itself makes me sick. It's just plain bad now.
    HypnoticChairman, the what? the gossip?
    uh people are playing gen 6, I quit the Pokemanz, and people are generally insane
    why do you ask
    12:44 pikachu24 stares at gamegardevoir
    12:44 GameGardevoir blushes.
    12:44 GameGardevoir bows gracefully.
    12:45 DNA hey you two
    12:45 DNA get a #room

    Good, getting a bit more active on Pokebeach this summer. So, what did you think about E3?
    You'll love the Green Arrow in that game. His battle dialogue is hilarious.
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