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    Listen. I don't like being stalked...

    What, what do u mean? I don't understand.
    XD I kind of forgot. I'm multitasking doing several things and watching tv and am excited about 3 new kittens. I'll post in a bit.
    HypnoticLuxray, Lol thats all over the place. P-men could be cool if you do it right. Mines a big brother-like world in which Team Plazma took over, and you are part of a resistance group :O
    Why I outta...! XD But in all seriousness you guys should be able to face few most foes and come out victorious, seeing as how you guys defeated the gorilla (I seriously thought someone was going to die there). You guys should be fine. Well at least until you guys have to face the monstrosities at the zoo! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Your's and Chems. leadership is good enough. Although I guess I have seen a few flaws here and there, but nothing too big that I would need to criticize except maybe that you guys killed the colonel >:[ I'll continue keeping up w/ the rpg though because it is really interesting and see how things turn out.
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