Guilty Spark
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Aug 5, 2013
Jun 28, 2011
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Feb 26, 1999 (Age: 22)
Granada Hills, California, USA, Earth, our Solar S

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Guilty Spark

Punch!!!, Male, 22, from Granada Hills, California, USA, Earth, our Solar S


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Aug 5, 2013
    1. Plasma Dragon
      Plasma Dragon
      Happy Birthday!
    2. Brave Vesperia
      Brave Vesperia
      Happy Birthday!
    3. Ivy
    4. Ice Arceus
      Ice Arceus
      [b]Guilty Spark[/b], thanks. =)
    5. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      And there goes the epic avvy.
    6. dmaster
      [b]Guilty Spark[/b], Thanks!
    7. DNA
      Thanks a bunch, man.
    8. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      [b]Guilty Spark[/b], Is it even possible to forget it?
    9. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      [b]Guilty Spark[/b], Epic monent: Sogeking burns the Navy flag in the Enies Lobby Arc. It's for stuff like that that One Piece is the No.1 anime.
    10. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      [b]Guilty Spark[/b], My favorite move is Zoro's Asura. Zoro is the best.
    11. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      [b]Guilty Spark[/b], Really? Never heard of that before.
      First time I saw it, I loved it. Red Hawk probably makes the top 5 moves of One Piece for me.
    12. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      Me likes your banner mechanism.
      Also, Red Hawk ftw!
    13. Luckyfire
      *clicks banner*

      it tried to log me out o.o
    14. Ivy
    15. Rally
      Yes, by distracting I do mean amazing.
      Is that *checks Wikipedia* Kirito fighting...*quickly flips back to the page*...Kayaba Akihiko?
    16. Rally
      Yeah, is that a secret message or do you actually try to log the person out? And also, your avatar is very distracting :0
    17. Rally
      " Malicious Javasccript tried to log you out"
    18. DNA
      No problem, man.
    19. Luckyfire
      Happy birthday!
    20. DNA
      'eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy have a good one
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    Feb 26, 1999 (Age: 22)
    Granada Hills, California, USA, Earth, our Solar S
    Watching anime[and anything entertaining aring(woah triple -ing suffixes)on TV], reading manga, playing VGs, Internet Browsing, listening to good music, philosophy, and pursuing knowledge.
    TCG/VG Accomplishments:
    I haven't really accomplished anything other than beating people I know at yu-gi-oh(currently running an ancient gear deck).
    Friend Code(s):
    The code, my friend, is a secret.
    Pokemon Involvement:
    • VG Player
    Generation Started:
    I can't let you read my bio or else I would have to kill you……………… fine you really want to read my bio that badly well okay then. I must warn you though, my bio is anti-stalker-ish, that means that stalkers shouldn't read it(this means you because if you read this then you are a stalker). Hi my name is Shafiq. I have been playing pokemon since I was three. My first pokemon game was red. I am now thirteen and have played a game for every region. Now for some non pokemon stuff about me (well that came out more like an essay than I intended for it to be). I like manga, anime, and all the Japanese stuff. In my opinion one piece, naruto, bleach, Dragon Ball/Z, code geass, fullmetal alchemist (bro-hood), death note, Hotd, megaman nt warrior(thats considered anime right?), SAO, and fairy tail are the best manga and anime(as you can see I like the mainstream ones a lot, but don't hate me for it). I actually would live in japan if I knew Japanese. I like itallian food like pasta, pizza, etc. My favorite games are pokemon(nah really), halo, the legend of Zelda series, fire emblem, SSBB, god of war, sonic, minecraft, metroid, and megaman. I don't play pokemon cards but I play yu-gi-oh cards. I'm going to 9th grade even though I only turned 13 this year because I skipped 2nd grade. As you probably guessed I'm fairly smart(BlahBlahModestyBlahBlah).
    I'm usually an optimistic person. As I would see it the glass is half full, not half empty. Are you still reading this? STALKER! Just kidding.
    Goals: to be on everones ignore/hate list, kidding :p. I want to become peoples friends.
    Won't list anymore goals for fear of people stopping me from achieving them.
    List of cool people:
    Adan15: this guy shares some of the same interests as me and was the first guy I met here. Too bad he's banned hope he comes back. :)

    Spongebob: met her through an rpg and became friends. She's a smart person. Nice to talk too. She has a bad taste in avatars though. :p

    Dmaster: coolest mod out there in my opinion. He is a really nice dude. He answered all my questions except classified ones. He is just too stubborn about adding people to his buddylist. :p

    Xdogking: I forgot where I met him but found him to be cool. He's a smart dude. I haven't seen him around much recently but maybe it's because of the username changes.

    Yoshidude10: I met this guy talking about SSBB. He was a nice person. He seems to have an interest for trading cards but I wouldn't know much about it.

    Umbreon/espeon: I met this guy by joining his rpg. He's pretty cool. Be also runs his own shop.

    Keyblade: Hmmm where to start. This guy is an excellent artist. He is also funny. It's enlightening to talk to him.

    Catautie: this guy is funny. I seem to be running out of unique things to call people so bear with me. I just find it weird that he likes ponies.

    P0KEV0RTEX: this guy is one of the more awesome people on this site. Nuff said.

    DNA: I first got to know this guy as he was my team leader in the challenge season 2. He is humorous, cool, and smart. He had a megaman avatar and banner, how can you not be friends with him.

    Shadow Lugia: This guy is a nerd. Nerds are awesome thus he is awesome. He is also pretty BA as he likes megaman too.

    Darkvoid57: This guy is cool. He does cool stuff. He forced dragonexpert to create a new rule in the ban game because he put too many bans. That's cool. Did I mention he's pretty cool. :p

    Safariblade: Whats not to like? He is one of the cooler mods. Humorous, fun, cool, and is even was the co-host of TDLs challenge season 2.
    If you think you should be on here let me know.

    If you're still reading this, read something else like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, those books are way more interesting than this. Oh no I just told you the books I like! You know what……………………………BOOM! you're dead. I told you I would have to kill you if you if I let you read my bio. Well now what stalker, I may have just told you everything but your dead and can't stalk me. Wait why am I talking to a dead person. Well I've always wanted to befriend zombies so pm me if you want to be on my buddy list(see below). Also you can pm me for just about anything within pokebeach rules.

    Spreading fail whale...


    Guilty Spark out. :)


    Red Hawk! Don't touch/click my banner unless you want to see a secret message.​
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