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    Help The "Is There A Card That Does This?" Thread

    Is there a standard card that can deal damage to the active and my bench for preferably low energy cost.
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    Expanded Vespiquen/Flareon/Empoleon

    Hey Beachgoers! I have been working on this Vespiquen/Flareon/Empoleon Deck for a while now. I am trying to make it as consistent as possible and I would like to know how you guys feel about it. Pokemon: 29 4 Eevee 4 Flareon 4 Combee 4 Vespiquen 4 Unown 3 Shaymin-EX 2 Empoleon 2 Exeggcute 1...
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    Standard Umbreon/Zoroark/Tauros (AOR-SUM)

    Ok, thanks for the input!
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    Standard Umbreon/Zoroark/Tauros (AOR-SUM)

    Thanks for the input Kietharr! Here are my responses. 1. The Charizard form Evolutions, it has a 3 colorless attack so that it can swing at Decidueye GX for a 2HKO. 2. This is one of my deck building mistakes as it has been a while since I have played PTCG. 3. This is AOR on, no VS Seekers...
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    Standard Umbreon/Zoroark/Tauros (AOR-SUM)

    4x Eevee 4x Umbreon-GX 2x Tauros-GX 2x Zoroark 2x Zorua 1x Oranguru 1x Charizard-EX 3x N 4x Sycamore 2x Lysandre 3x Brigette 4x Ultra Ball 2x Float Stone 3x EXP Share 4x Max Elixir 4x Crushing Hammer 2x Enhanced Hammer 2x Parallel City 4x DCE 7x Darkness Energy Trying to get back into PTCG...
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    Discussion Aqua Patch: What Will You Use?

    I'm interested in seeing what the community will use with the new Aqua Patch. I'll be using: Manaphy Glaceon Ninetails
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    Discussion The Shaymin Assassin ... Galvantula!

    You could make the attack do 120 to Shaymins in one turn with Vileplume BCR in expanded.
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    Standard Dark Tina (For Dallas Regionals)

    as a Junior running an actual deck I am going to say you will probably make Top 8, but don't get your hopes up. Make sure to drink tons of water!
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    Standard Dark Tina (For Dallas Regionals)

    Are you a senior division player? By the way I would also add in a second Parallel City it really helps you against rainbow road.
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    Fun What is your favorite deck?

    Have you considered running Vileplume in that deck to help counterract the effects of Pokemon Ranger?
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    Fun What is your favorite deck?

    I have to say my top 5 favorite decks are probably: 5. Jolteon/Vileplume 4. Volcanion/Starmie 3. Eelektrik/Friends 2. Night March 1. Seismitoad
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    Discussion M Venusaur EX/Garbodor

    The Garbodor/Parallel City Combo COULD be devastating to M Ray, but if garb gets set up they can just lysandre garb and use Dragonite to get back more Pokemon Directly.
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    Discussion If you had to pick your Big 3...

    I still feel like it is at least tier 1.5 currently. Swinging for 240 kills everything. You destroy M Mewtwo, and I have found that my M Scizor matchup is slightly favorable due to my current variant.
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    Discussion If you had to pick your Big 3...

    Even late game with a combo of Karen and Super Rods you can still recover from a massive Parallel City.
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    Attacks That Discard Tools

    Thanks, I'll attempt a run with a single Beedrill-EX but 2 prizes may hurt me. I am also playing all DCE so I'll have to throw in some basic energy which of course will decrease my consistency drastically.