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  • Emperor_Gaius, I don't play minecraft.
    Mostly because if I got it, I'll allow days to go by without doing anything besides it.
    Emperor_Gaius, Mostly the latter considering I modded the games forum and that was nuked some time ago. And when I look back I don't think I was the most productive mod but from what I could tell they didn't exactly want to de-mod me. But yeah, that could have just been what they wanted me to think. =P
    Emperor_Gaius, Yes, yes I was...
    Oh gawd, here comes the waterworks... ;~;
    Emperor_Gaius, yeah. Because random discussion and games were part of the 4 reasons I joined, I kinda lost will to come here.
    [except this place is stuck as my homepage.]
    Emperor_Gaius, What do you need from the thread? A lot of the older and more popular games were hidden or moved. If you need the text or something from it, I can try to find it and c/p it for you.
    Emperor_Gaius, Im doing ok. Being another year into high school is very demanding. More Work, More responsibility, ect.
    lol u can check the mewtwo ex FA and non fa price online...my friend wants to sell 400usd for all ND ex fa and ex and shiny

    yes i can got the sleeves.

    uhm i think my friend only interested to sell the ex, fa ex and shiny from ND as a set so he doesn't want to seperate it. please gimme ur price for those.. i will ask him fastly :D

    i can not open ur link..resend the link please. :D
    oh yeah i have a friend wanna sell the set of ex and fa and new shiny..how much u gonna buy?
    i have FA Victini for trade too
    pretty much from 2 weeks after the outbreak til a few months or something before you see the character in the comics
    Emperor_Gaius, I'm slowly collecting the comics, but I didn't know there were novels. When's it set?
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