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  • Hi mlouden!! XD I been keeping up w/ your rpg, and I have to say great job!! That zombie gorilla was completely epic, but I'm sad to see the colonel die! Dx
    You were banned? Was that to do with language or something?
    Anyway, I har a small feeling that he won't become a mod...
    chello has been stalking loads of profiles. He's been on every one I've looked at, besides Joeypals!!

    I did add you to my BUDDY list, but I'll have to add you to my bio when I have the time.
    I'm not sure? lol. It's funny that it now lists friends lists. and chello was on my profile at 7:44 am lol
    Nice profile! I forgot to add you to my buddies - I'll need to do that!
    Is it a new Mod fashion to use AR codes as avatars?
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