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  • Every game (10 or 11) I've seen was autolose to Garbodor/Terrakion. If it's not autolose, then it's a horrible matchup for Eels.
    There have been times where I've discarded important stuff, yes, but, it has never cost me a game in over 15 matches of getting Giratina out.
    Shaymin is more useful than Giratina.
    What happens when you discard really important stuff with Giratina? Hmm? It isn't worth it.
    Saves space? I took 1 Shaymin EX for 1 Giratina EX, that's it. And he doesn't do the same thing better. Try tanking with an Eviolited Hydregion and see how far it gets you dumping all the Energy. To add, Giry doesn't get OHKO'd by Zekrom EX, and with an Eviolite, can survive against a Garchomp's Mach cut with 2 Altaria's out. He can also 2HKO any EX no matter what. TBH discarding three cards is better than dumping two Dark Energy. Yes you have Sableye and Dark Patch, but it's best not to waste turns if you're Opponent can set up quickly. There have been a few games where having Giratina EX helped me where Shaymin EX and Hydregion wouldn't have help. I know it's unorthadox to run Giratina EX, but he works great.
    Incorrect. Milky is correct in saying CM is better than Darkrai. He was also referencing the regular Rayquaza. He said Rayquaza can do the same thing (donk) so he meant the 40 + weakness for some Pokemon to donk. Rayquaza + a Terrakion tech is much more effective. Terrakion was already one shotting everything with no energy dump, while Landorus requires a PP. Any surprise bench + dynamotor + attach is far mre superior and faster than a card that takes 3 turns to set up and an additional 2-3 to recover. Landorus is the free two prizes.
    A. Darkrai outclasses CMT on many many grounds. B. Rayquaza is a horrible card, it takes too much to set him up (energy-wise) and he does the same damage that Zekrom does, but gives up two prizes to Garchomp, which can OHKO Ray on T2. Also, if your Fire Energy gets discarded, you're done, that's it no more Rayquaza, now he's a free two prizes.
    So can Rayquaza. What makes Landorus better than Rayquaza + Terrakion tech.

    You irritate me, LQ member. Why oh why do you always try to find use for crappy cards.
    Emopanda133, CM is tier 1. It's better than Dakrai, what are you blabbing about.
    Actually, no, there aren't CMT decks around anymore. I haven't seen a single one since DE came out, and there were a few people in my meta that played it.:p
    If you read my earlier post, you see that those are the only cards played. As for the primes, no one plays those decks anymore, which is why I made this thread, to show that there are still good decks to be made out of them.

    What's that... No one plays CMT?????
    Do you use PlayTCG? I'd like to play against this metal deck that you say is 6-0 against ReshiBoar.
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