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  • "Ooh, a laughterhouse? In a day and age like this, we could all use some laughter." - Homer Simpson, dressed as a cow in the back of a truck

    ...if you have seen this, it makes sense. If you haven't, it still makes sense with the context I gave.
    Rikko145' pid='2281802' dateline='1341636478 said:
    {R} Just as long as I'm not losing. {R}

    (Lol, jk!)
    Haha I read this over two days ago and I still can't stop laughing. XD
    Oh, I totally forgot to meet up with you at Nationals. Sorry. :/

    I had a lot going on that weekend.
    I will trade a few of those for your diceboxes (handmade), sleeves ( i am interested in all of them), and deckboxes ( if you have any). Thanks please see if we can trade :)

    Well i have a lot more but heres the ones i have in hand: 2 Cresselia lv.x, 3 Ferraligator promo,2 ampharos prime, arceus promo lv.x, blissey prime, celebi prime,2 darkra lv.x promos, darkrai lv.x, dialga lv.x promo, dialga level.x promo ( different dialgas), empoleon lv.x, hippodon lv.x, infernape lv.x promo,kingdra prime, kyogre ultra rare, kyogre ex, landorus promo, meganium prime promo , mew prime, palkia g lv.x, raichu prime,rayquaza c lv.x, rayquaza c lv.x promo ( different rayquazas), palkia lv.x promo, reshiram fa, reshiram ex promo, salamence lv.x, shaymin lv.x promo, 2 slowking prime, thunduras fa, typhlosion prime, zekrom ex promo, top and bottom lugia legend, bottom ho-oh legend, bottom suicune and entei legend, bottom entei and raikou legend.
    Rikko145, Sure, send me a link when you see me online. I won't be free this weekend though, unless it's after like 5 PST.
    Rikko145, Sure, I have a Reshiboar EX list to test as well, we could set up a common PlayTCG time?
    Rikko145, Thanks. I'm sorry for being a little rude myself. I think it would be a great to test with each other. When do you want to?
    Rikko145, Sounds like a plan. When do you want to? PM me your list so we can make sure neither of us uses any techs, mine is the same as the one in the article.
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