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  • English can not be anywhere in your top 4 languages you use. Those were complete and proper sentences. So are these sentences. This topic is a waste of my time and so are you. I'll change my tone if you can in great, and accurate, detail prove me otherwise.
    You didn't use full sentences. The full sentence would have been, "What does "u" mean?" "U" means exactly how it sounds, "you".
    Milky, I suppose he wouldn't qualify for a job making Pokemon cards. But he doesn't have to.
    I don't think lots of Lost Removers will be played. I also feel Hammertime is inferior to this deck. I usually don't need energy Search, cuz I normally have it attached already and use Shaymin for a surprise KO and to move Energys. Do you think I should play 1/2 Energy Search?
    Milky, with the 3-card tech I meant 1 Terrakion and 2 Prism; In the Darkrai/Mewtwo/Terrakion I run 2 Terrakions, but in the more Mewtwo focused I run just 1. Sorry if it was confusing xD
    Ahah, Mr. Bushido xD
    No problems with calling me that, always thought that name was cool xD
    That's the thing; with my Darkrai/Mewtwo I still have access to Terrakion if I need it desperately, while not cutting DCEs at all and being able to respond to Mewtwos easily (or atleast not very hardly). I think that's what I'm going for.
    Yeah, you are right, but I don't use 4 Energy Switch xD (I'm using 2 and 2 Shaymins.)
    Right now I'm not sure if I should need the Terrakion so much so I decresaed it a little just to test with those changes. I probably will be playing Darkrai since, well, Darkrai is one of my favorite Pokémons and I love how it works with both Terrakion and Mewtwo. I just think I need to get the deck to be consistent in every game and it is a great choice. Just need to tweak it. I still have a lot of time to do it tho.
    Milky, Even if it never happens, the threat of a 7-energy Mewtwo is such a big deal for the Darkrai player to have to play around. I don't think it's worth it to tech Sableye in Zeels at all, since you waste a turn you could be attacking, and there aren't any trainers you should need to get back if you're a good player.
    Milky, It's alright, it's a little risky for my playstyle. The only reason Eels/Mewtwo did so well at Nationals is because people started cutting down to 0-1 Mewtwos in ther Eels and Darkrai decks, which is an easily exploitable deck building mistake. Eels/Terrakion loses pretty badly to a quick turn 1 Mewtwo, since they don't play DCE, and Darkrai w/ out Mewtwo loses to a 7+ energy Mewtwo since that's what it takes to KO a Darkrai. Terrakion/ with Heavy Mewtwo won Seniors, and 3/4 Top 4 in masters played 3 Mewtwo. It's still one of the best cards in HGSS-On, but I don't like going aggro with it in BW-On because of two reasons: People are upping their Mewtwo counts, and Thundurus is great.
    Milky, I thought we were talking about BW-On. In HGSS-On I still like 1 Thundurus, though.

    In BW-On, Thundurus is NEEDED in ZekEels, for sure.
    Milky, Are you dumb? You seriously think you can consistently get DCE turn 1, let alone DCE turn 1 AND turn 2? Really? My god, do you actually have any testing done whatsoever? Mewtwo Wars are never something you want to start since they often come down to luck and who draws best off of N, which you don't want to rely on. Also, Mewtwo isn't setting up any energies for Dynamotor. What do you do when on your opponent's turn 2, they X-Ball your Mewtwo, which you've invested all your energy drops on, and you haven't attached to anything on your bench, and you have MAYBE one energy in the discard. Good luck attacking that turn with anything other than a 40 damage X-Ball. Also, Mewtwo is an EX. An EX that can't OHKO Garchomp, but can easily be two-shotted. That's a losing prize exchange. Seriously. Back up your points with actually testing.
    Milky, I couldn't disagree more. Thundurus outclasses Mewtwo as a starter in BW-On. First of all, it's easier to get a turn 1 Charge than a turn 1 X-Ball, since you don't have to get a DCE. Also, Thundurus gets energy on the field to be Dynamotored. Also, they will generally be doing similar damage, with Thundurus doing 80, and Mewtwo doing 40 + 60, except Thundurus isn't an EX and it doesn't start a Mewtwo war. Sableye doesn't outclass Thundurus, it's just used in Darkrai/Hyedreigon because it shared the Dark type. Thundurus in BW-On is, in my opinion, such a strong card and I've gone up to 3 in my ZekEels, considering a fourth.
    Noel Vermillion is not sexy.
    Just wanted to point that out.

    I don't disagree with the high quality member bit, though.
    I'm thinking of buying the Ultra-Pro Matte or the KMC Matte. I heard they are very good, especially the KMC.
    Oh, I am a Senior, Guess we won't face each other at the tournament. Yeah, those kind of decks have A LOT of space and thus they are very consistent. If you can put so much pressure early on that might be a very good choice for Worlds. I'm probably going with Darkrai/Mewtwo/Terrakion. Might sound clunky, but it isn't, I manage to T2 Darkrai almost always.
    Ahah, can't wait to see it in action xP
    You are Senior/Master (or Junior xD)?
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