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  • DNA, "Fletchling will suddenly unleash relentless attacks once it’s in battle." Dread Lord Fletchling checks out.
    Thanks, no I didn't draw it(which reminds me I totally forgot to give credits, I'll do that now :) ) I do draw realistic animal stuff though, just don't have a scanner or decent camera or I would use that :D
    DNA, Yeah, it seems so. I guess that even being a super classy prosecutor doesn't shield your eyesight from getting worse P:
    There's not really much of any muscle, but the field spell alleviates this by lengthening the amount of time it takes to destroy you by halving all battle and effect damage.

    It seems like the real 'muscle' is setting all of their cards, attacking with all of your Ghostricks (including 1 Stein) to search for Ghostrick Panic. Set Panic and all of your Ghostricks, then when your opponent does something, activate Panic. If your opponent flips anything after Panic, Witch flips them back face-down so you can start it all over.

    The more I look into it, the more I see the archetype as something fun--but they're not going to be doing anything great with what they have now. Ghostrick House is sort of like Dracossack--it's going to see more use outside of the deck it was intended to be used in, and that's the downfall of the Ghostricks.
    Well...the zombie searches the ghost before it's actually destroyed, and the ghost SS's itself right after that and lets you draw, which will allow you to summon a Ghostrick next turn...
    DNA, Im super sorry! The play I went to ran longer than expected! I will try to get on now, but my computer is being a bum when it comes to the chat room currently
    LOL 5000 card in a shoebox!? OMG did that person explode they got them? x'D

    awwww that sucks! At lest you have braces, Im jealous! =P My teeth are straight but want braces-they look so cute! They make people look younger and I dunno I just like them alot!

    Im still eating soft foods but everything is pretty much healed up! I started my syringe + salt water rinsing! I broke the rules and tried to eat a spicy tortilla chip... LOL I failed! =P
    Ghostrick Specter.
    But don't bother with the archetype. It's awful.
    I'm sure somebody can make it work, but they're incredibly physically weak and have a NORMAL SUMMONING RESTRICTION.
    I'd like to, too, but I really just want to relax for a bit without worrying about anything. Maybe I'll take a break from the computer for a while and hang out with family or friends. I've been worn out from doing school projects at the last minute (thankfully, the presentations went well). >.<

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