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  • Haven't talked to you in quite some time. Happy birthday though, hope you have a great one! :]
    Shiningmilotic, over-the-head headphones are supposed to make people feel awesome?
    I dunno; I've been wearing those all my life and I still don't feel more special than everyone else...
    Shiningmilotic, after combing through you still not finding the box and you buying a bunch of merch...
    ...why did you get TWO pairs of headphones?
    Shiningmilotic, I guess I should blame the inconsistent localization of product.
    Shiningmilotic, the Darkrai/Giratina FA box has been out for at least a month now, maybe even 2. Does it sell out that fast where you are?

    Honda Civics, huh? That's a pretty reasonable choice for a car for gas mileage.
    Shiningmilotic, ...wait, you're from Minnesota...and living in Texas? That sounds...really unpleasant.
    ...if your car is having problems, focus on that first. Then you'll be better equipped to move to a better neighborhood in the future. Cars are long-term investments.
    Hey, don't hate on 1993 cars. They last a loooooooooong time. The one my family had lasted until the day after I got my driver's license (July 14th of last year), and until then it was pretty reliable. Well, kinda.

    Do you not like the neighborhood you live in right now?
    Shiningmilotic, ...makes sense., where were you for the past 3 weeks? Busy? Wrapped up with stuff?
    Wanting a Keldeo plush, hm? Are the grass and you friends now? If not, you probably won't be able to get it.
    Shiningmilotic, oh right, they're on the same weekend as Pokemon Nationals. 4th of July weekend is a pre-tty crazy time.
    Shiningmilotic, the one from way back I remember you talking about? I remember him!

    So, how've you been? Haven't seen you in a long time, actually. You've probably been up to a lot!
    Shiningmilotic, those are the ACE SPEC trainer cards - so powerful, you are only allowed 1 ACE SPEC per deck. The black color scheme is actually pretty cool. They take the place of a reverse holo in a pack.
    Looks like, all things considered, you got a pretty awesome box!

    And yeah, that's why I'm using that Bianca. I am currently borrowing my friend's FA Bianca until I can get another one for myself.
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