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  • CJBlazerX87, not much. I just got offered a new job, so I'm starting that soon!

    I'd try and help out, but I've not much experience spriting. Sorry! Perhaps you could find someone on deviantART?
    CJBlazerX87, haha I haven't done it on forum posts, but I have looked back at old journals and such and thought the same thing.
    CJBlazerX87, nope! I just didn't have the time anymore. Real life stuff comes before online stuff, I'm afraid.
    CJBlazerX87, of course I remember! I HAS been a while...it's gotta be close to two years at least?
    The problem with Twilight was that it was a popular teenage drama based on a mediocre book series. If it didn't focus so much on romance, it may actually have been a good series about vampires and werewolves.
    Ever see the movie Vampires Suck? That made the most fun of the fanaticism, which is why I thought it would be funny to see people doing the same online over the Gen 6 starters!
    Thanks! We need more Fennekin fans! Let's do this like how Twilight fans were factioned into Team Edward and Team Jacob, just over Pokemon instead.
    I have weird tastes like that. It's nothing bad, per say. But fat Pokemon pics do gross people out, which is why I think they're so hilarious.
    I love Fennekin! I would switch to a fat pic of it, but I may get in trouble for it since I'm no longer a mod...
    Well, there are a few things I'm in the midst of that I cannot discuss publicly.
    You're welcome!

    ...wait, I forgot to mention something. In the fanfic, all the Pokemon are shiny due to a glitch. Would you still like to be a Keldeo?
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