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  • CCloud, Philly matches up poorly against Jimmy Graham (as Dallas would have). He's just more athletic then any of the LBs Philly has.

    Brees could easily throw his way anywhere from 10 to 15 times in the game.
    CCloud, It's so frustrating to pour my heart and soul into rooting for the team and then they go out and play crappy football. There is just absolutely no consistency from them. They back up big wins with horrible, horrendous performances the week following.

    They are the NFL's fitting example of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They play like monsters one week, then the next week they forget how to play right and shoot themselves in the foot. I mean, why do they completely forget they have a running game at the worst times in games? It shouldn't happen, it just shouldn't.

    I could go on and on, but this rant could go on forever.
    my 7th year anniversary since registering on this site yay woo

    there's confetti everyone look at the confetti
    health isn't my only worry. i need to see their synergy and kidd's coaching before i can truly write them off. no doubt they will be a good team, i just have had huge doubts about the nets after seeing the lakers last season. i can easily see them placing 4th seed behind heat, bulls, and pacers.
    finally had time to sit down and watch that video.

    just realized how lucky the Nets are now to have three good clutch players in Johnson, Pierce, and KG. damn that team is going to be good in fourth quarter and overtime situations.
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