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  • WolfNinja55, I'm doing pretty good. Where have you been all this time, I've missed you. :[
    Totally meant to wish you a Merry Christmas but I guess I'm a little late. Still, I hope you had a wonderful day. Maybe expect a Happy New Year text, but that's only if I don't forget to do that too. :x
    The holidays are fast approaching, I better start seeing you around more or else there may be problems.
    If you ever do decide to go on chat, you can /whois DNA or Hazama to see if I'm online, if you wish to talk.
    WolfNinja55, iunno. I mostly lurk in my own channel nowadays, so I wouldn't know what goes on in main chat.
    WolfNinja55, It's a Wolfninja! Haaaiii! How have you been? Do anything fun lately? We haven't been able to talk in a while, I'm sure you're pretty busy.If you ever wanna find me just remember I'm always on Skype. I've been kinda busy with school work myself but I'm usually free by late afternoon.
    WolfNinja55, Oh I know, you've told me and I understand. If you ever have the free time and want to talk I'm always around on Skype, message me. I am having a pretty good week quite honestly, I hope school's going well for you!
    As someone I actively talk to, I just thought I'd let you know that I'll be away for a week with no internet access. So when you don't hear from me that is why. If you really want to talk or have something important you want to tell me, just remember you have the ability to text me. Hearing from you is always nice, so that'd be cool. But otherwise, have a good week/however long it is until we talk again! :]
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