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  • I don't really expect anything good in return for hacked Pokémon (or anything that is legit but I can clone for that matter), so anything is fine. I'll work on it in a bit.
    I haven't, sorry. :( If you don't mind hacked Pokémon I could probably transfer one from generation 5, though.
    Thanks! And you're welcome! You too. :) I can clone so I can easily get extra stuff.
    Oh, oops. Saw it just now. That's fine, though. The Malamar is cloned. I EV trained it before cloning so it has max attack and has 252 HP EV.
    If you have a spare Sableye that would be nice. If not anything is fine. I'll get my 3DS now. I have you added, right?
    Can you trade today at 18.00 GMT? I'm actually around almost all day and I'm from GMT+1 so it shouldn't be too difficult.
    bacon, on my friend's wii u, yes. Lol i'm terrible. I have a knack for doing stupidly well on the first race, and then getting ~10th on all of the last 3 lol. I spend most of my time invested in Smash Bros to be honest, I'm trying to get competitively decent at Project M
    bacon, it's goooiiiinng. I just want this year to start, right now all I'm doing with my life is alternating between: Practicing for auditions, Pokemon, Mario Kart 8, and watching Premier League Football :p

    Are you still in school, or did you graduate already?
    Sounds good. :D Any 5IV Pokémon is fine with me. Do I have you added? We'll have to agree on a time, since I'm not online regularly in the game.
    yo if you still have chat quotes please share them with me. My old profile got deleted so I don't have them :(. My most wanted one is the "bacon has the same # of letters as scampy" one which is absolute gold lol
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