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  • there r only 4 blue eyes in existence in the anime but i have 5 blue eyes in my avatar but i like to screw the rules because i have green hair
    bacon, Mojo Jojo.

    This answer should be considered canonical to the lore of Pokébeach, and this comment referred to in case of any disputes unto the aforementioned.
    when I have internet at my apartment i think we should play a drinking game on skype

    basically we all ladder together on PS and take a shot each whenever we see a weather team
    Sorry bacon-senpai, I merged your thread with mine. I don't feel like making a catch-all thread, but I want to contain anything X and Y related in one thread until the games are released officially. That thread is X and Y speculation anyways, so it should be merged regardless. ^_^
    Not really, but last night TDL linked a video of Kira laughing in 12 different languages.
    Korean won by a landslide.
    I could, but I don't have the time for it anymore. Also, there are a lot of restrictions on my internet that would easily weed me out now, since things changed so drastically around the time I quit (for one, mods are required to have regular access to Skype, which I really don't).
    I gave up on the Writer's Cafe after I retired from modship, but lately I've been getting PO'd that it's fallen into such a state of disrepair because, from what I've seen, my replacement isn't really doing anything. I had fanfics posted long before I was asked to become mod and tried to keep them somewhat active while also keeping up with my mod duties. Dustin DeVine hasn't really been contributing to it at all from what I've seen. Sure, he's got a contest started and maybe taken down a few bad fanfics, but he hasn't really been contributing to in the ways I was. I mean, I was constantly doing things, even when there wasn't really a lot for me to do. It makes me question why he's still on staff.
    Well, I've been making some progress in Biohazard, but it's minimal at most. Honestly, I'm surprised that I'm the only who's got a remotely active fanfic. No one else seems to be writing or posting anything in the Writer's Cafe.
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