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  • I don't have any English booster packaging around, but don't they still have that "1:3 chance at a premium card!"
    On the box or on the pack? I don't believe they still do, but I can look.

    Have you recieved the Shiny Collection Boxes?
    If you've got a Emolga FA for trade I would like to trade it with you.

    I'm planning on buying a box of BC and PS at the end of the week, so maybe we can trade some of those cards?
    No problem, let me know if you have the Emolga FA.
    I don't have any cards of the Boundaries Crossed set, but I want to buy a box at the end of the month.
    Let's hope you get your cards soon and customs will let them go.
    Artemis, lol it happens to me a lot.
    What tins are you thinking about recycling... Because I would hate to see something like just get tossed out (even though most people already have them it can become like the old Star Wars lunch boxes that people through away, and are now worth a fortune...)

    I'd be happy to trade/buy them off of you for a cheap price if you are interested.
    I saw you got a Shiny Chandelure in your Jpn. packs. Would you be willing to trade it?... :s lmk.

    Not all Dutch roll the R's in their throat. They mostly do that in the south (provinces Noord-Brabant and Limburg). I live near Rotterdam. There they pronounce the R's with the tip of the tongue.

    Most of the Dutch people will understand English but if you can understand and speak Dutch you will have an advantage.

    You're right it doesn't belong in that thread :p

    From what I understand the G is the most difficult for people who speak English. I'm not that great with languages and was relieved when I could stop learning French. German looks a lot like Dutch so no problem for me to understand them.

    When you come to Holland be sure to contact me. We could trade some cards. The old Dutch cards are becoming hard to find, even in Holland, because most of the cards are played with.

    And if youre fiancé really has Dutch Base2 cards please e-mail me a picture because nobody I know who collects Pokemon (from Holland and Belgium) knows about those cards...

    Fijne dag en tot horens! ;-)

    Gr, Alexander
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