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  • Artemis, I've been rather weird about keeping all my boxes and pack wrappings recently. All the packs I get from staff pulls I keep the cards (except the good ones) still in the opened wrapping (the others go in the trade binder), starting from about Dark Explorers. At least that habit has come in handy for situations like this.

    I also vaguely remember the packs saying there was 1 rare/holo in every pack, but I don't know when that stopped.
    And no problem! Helping out with the little things is my hobby.
    Artemis, I vaguely remember them having that sometime in the past, but they don't anymore, and I'm not sure when that changed - although I have a feeling it was somewhere in DP time.
    I guess they did get rid of it. No idea why.
    Artemis, it is indeed on the front, but I looked all over the pack wrapping to see if I could find that, and I couldn't. (I'm actually currently holding the pack in my hand.)

    And ah, so you meant the plastic packaging that packs at Target are sold in! Darn, I was at Target earlier today; I could have looked -.-; I don't own any of those myself (just the packs themselves and the booster boxes they come in), but if I get a chance to go to Target soon, I'll take a look.
    Artemis, I checked some Dark Explorers packs I had lying around, and I didn't see anything about the rarity of cards in packs - just that there's "10 additional game cards".

    I'll check later on some Plasma Storm packs, but I don't think there will be much difference. I could be wrong, though!
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